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June 2016
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Orlando Shooting: Excellent Piece by Marine Tim Lynch

19 June 2016 Tim is a retired Marine infantry officer. I spent much time with Tim in various provinces in Afghanistan, such as Nangarhar, Kabul, Kandahar, Helmand, Nimoroz. Good Lord almighty we w read more..


The Man in the High Castle’: Facilitating China’s Information War

by Michael Yon Nobody does genocide like China. In the 20th Century Genocide Olympics, Nazis took the bronze, Soviets took the silver, and Chinese Communists took the gold. Day by day, China emerg read more..


Brexit shocked Germany and the rest of Europe

[A quick note from Michael] This is unbelievably huge and complex. Many people already are blaming the British. Especially the English are to blame, they think. But this is not their fault. This i read more..


My Encounter with Eurocracy, and Why Digital Cameras Have a 30 Minute Video Recording Limit

The British and others have much basis in fact for wishing to leave the EU and its nonsensical Eurocrats. This post explains a trivial matter by comparison, but by scaling up this example it becomes read more..

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