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June 2012
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More Army Red Cross Lies Exposed

04 June 2012 Click here to download PDF. read more..


Another Smoking Gun: The Pentagon Caught Again on MEDEVAC

12 June 2012 The Pentagon has repeatedly deceived Senators, Representatives and the Public on the MEDEVAC issue.  This fact pattern has been systematically revealed and irrevocably proven. For i read more..


Zombie Apocalypse Hysteria

13 June 2012 Recent cannibal attacks have pushed the media into a swirl.  Since I have known more real cannibals than any non-cannibal I know, a few words are in order. Some context: In 2002, read more..


Angels Over Afghanistan

F/A-18C Hornet named after SPC Chazray Clark Father’s Day17 June 2012 The US Navy has named an F/A-18C Hornet after Specialist Chazray Clark, who was killed in action last September in Afghanistan.&... read more..


Implosion of the MilBlogs: Glimmers of Hope

18 June 2012 Amid the sea of milblog riffraff are a few islands of hope.  Hershel Smith is one of those islands: Why I Am A MilbloggerWritten By: Herschel Smith Occasionally I receive a note f read more..


Not I

19 June 2012 Through the years there has been a constant barrage of people misquoting me.  They might say, “Last week on CNN you said…”  And I was in some war zone at the time and nowhere n read more..


Good Report from Afghanistan

21 June 2012 Reports come in daily from the military in Afghanistan.  Many have good news, but subsequent the MEDEVAC deceptions from the Army, I do not trust the current bunch and so do not bot... read more..


Free Burma Rangers REPORT: 12 June 2012

FBR REPORT: No Ceasefire Here; Homes Destroyed, Families Separated but the Kachin People Still Stand12 June, 2012Kachin State, BurmaWritten By: Free Burma Rangers Dear friends, Thank you so for all ... read more..


Army Sham Investigation into Loss of Chazray Clark

26 June 2012 Yesterday the Army delivered its sham investigation into the loss of Chazray Clark in September 2011.  The attack that took Chazray’s life is described in RED AIR. Through the mo read more..

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