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Ranger to be awarded the Medal of Honor

The White House Office of the Press SecretaryFor Immediate ReleaseMay 31, 2011 ADVISORY: President Obama to Award Medal of Honor On July 12th, President Barack Obama will award Sergeant First Class... read more..


Soldiers' Angels June Newsletter 2011

Please click to view the entire newsletter. read more..


Top Secret Report: Jews in Palestine

Please click to view or download pdf. read more..


Biogas Comes to Afghanistan

08 Jun 2011 Thanks to a Gurkha Soldier, biogas has come to Afghanistan.  In a nutshell, during a British Army tracking school in Borneo, a Gurkha named Lalit convinced me to research biogas for read more..


Rest in Peace our Brothers

09 June 2011 Today, a couple of messages came in from Air Force Combat Search and Rescue personnel.  The first message, reprinted below, caused me to stop and read it a couple of times.  It read more..


Trust and Incompatibility

Published: 18 June 2011 ... read more..



Afghanistan is making undeniable progress, but it could all unravel

19 June 2011KABUL, AFGHANISTAN It's time to make big decisions. These decisions will have a huge impact on the future of Afghanistan. The biggest question at hand: How many troops will we keep here a read more..


AFP Interview with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates

Portion on AfghanistanDate:  Thursday, June 23, 2011 ------------------------- Q:  OK, so, if you don't mind, we'd like to start on Afghanistan.  And we'd like you, if you can, to de... read more..


Eight suicide bombers killed by Afghan National Police forces in Kabul

29 June 2011 وزارت امورداخله جمهوری اسلامی افغانستاندافغانستان داسلامی جمهوریت دکورنیو چارو وزارتMinistry of Interior of Islamic Republic of Afghanistanریاست عمومی دفترد رسنیو او عامه اړیکو ریاسترياس... read more..


Message From Secretary Gates

29 June 2011 The message below is going out this morning to all US military personnel, active and reserve, around the world: TO THE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES: TOMORROW, 30 JUNE... read more..


Cheering for Mass Murder

(a quick, unedited message from Kabul) Hotel Under Fire 29 June 2011Kabul, Afghanistan There is heavy security around Kabul.  A “ring of steel,” as they call it, which is under Afghan authorit read more..


Correction: Haqqani leader who supported Kabul attack killed in precision airstrike

From: IJC Media Operations.OrgDate: June 30, 2011 20:31:13 GMT+04:30To: Undisclosed recipients:;Subject: Correction:  Haqqani leader who supported Kabul attack killed in precision airstrike - IJC... read more..

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