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June 2005
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Battle for Mosul, Part III

MosulIn war as in politics, gerrymandering makes all the difference. In Iraq, which side of the line people find themselves on determines more than just what precinct they vote in. People residing nor... read more..


Walking the Line I

First Published: 19 June 2005  The Big Picture BaghdadSam was, by all accounts, a practical hands-on man whose grip had the grit of hard work. He started it all with little more than a barren... read more..


Walking the Line II

USS Normandy, North Arabian GulfJeffrey Mellinger is the Command Sergeant Major responsible for the Multi-National Force in Iraq, including all Coalition officers, enlisted persons and civilians. Ever... read more..


Walking the Line III

North Arabian GulfA strange white helicopter landed on the ship to fly us to Kuwait. It was a Puma, with “04″ painted on the nose. A few sailors and soldiers boarded the Puma along with CSM Mellinger ... read more..

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