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Panama: Stalking a Jaguar in its Jungle, at Night

Darien Province, Panama Unedited Mind-dump We barely beat the rains out of the jungle. The peanut butter mud may have left us sleeping miles from the nearest lightbulb or cell signal. I’ll explain read more..


Faces Without Joy: The Fate of Children — Darien Gap, the March to America

Darien Gap, Panama I write these words beside the Pan Am highway. The highway system stretches from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska. In other words, with my American passport, I can walk to this highway read more..


Countermeasures for phantom incoming missiles -- photo I made

We were flying over Southern Iraq. British. Flying low to avoid ground fire. Sensors apparently detected missile launch and popped the countermeasures. This happened a great deal. There was no missi read more..


Darien Gap: Tale of Airplane Dogfight Crash in Jungle, Stealing wild meat from a Jaguar, Boating While Drunk, and Losing the Boat...More

Panama Mind-Dump, sans edit — Stream of consciousness -- written in snippets since Saturday This is a mess-of no edit. I beg forgiveness, but I guarantee you will learn a lot. Am afraid this is too ... read more..


“Dirty” Jungle: Colombia tried to send a force of 2,000 men through Darien — turned back

Panama City, Panama Quick mind-dump In 1903, Panama was in process of seceding from Colombia. The French canal already had failed so miserably that the failure shook the Eiffel tower. The fraud of read more..


Migrant Boat Crash Yesterday Deep in Darien Jungle

Darien Isthmus We passed about 16 boats full of migrants yesterday deep in the Darien jungle. One crashed and capsized similar to this painting. We had already passed the waving migrants and did no read more..


Awesome: Mission Complete

Just took U.S. VIPs deep into Darien Jungle and they now safely on way back to America. Two Congressmen and others. They are amazingly courageous to have gone into Darien Gap with zero protection. N read more..


Panama: Embera Indian Lady with Baby Quapi

After long drive back to Darien, got to sleep at 0100. Up at 0530 and back into the jungle. Before getting into the jungle proper, we came through this Embera Indian village. An Embera woman seemed read more..


Panama: Logging on Bad Tires

Darien Province, Panama A few minutes after saying goodbye to Embera lady with Quapi baby, we came to this. We checked the truck for driver. Abandoned. The truck is outfitted with mixed tires in ba read more..


Panama: Jaguar Hunting — while others Hunt Migrants— literally

Darien Jungle, Panama Unedited Mind-dump This morning, after Embera Indian with Quapi Baby, and logging truck accident, we came across a peccary baby in the jungle road. Peccary baby ran off into read more..

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