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May 2010
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Marijuana: Children, the Work Place, and Medicine

Published: 07 May 2010 Click here to view the entire presentation.   ... read more..


An Afghan Story

Published: 9 May 2010 If normal life were a river, most days would likely be a slow-moving, meandering passage.  But when a life squeezes into the gorge of war, there can be a deafening whitew read more..


Penguins of Afghanistan

  Penguins of Afghanistan&A few Words on Charlie Company Published: 13 May 2010 There are no birth certificates in these villages.  No death certificates.  No driver’s licenses or addresses o... read more..


Court Martial Of Brigadier General Daniel Menard

Heavy fighting erupted in Thailand and I was slightly set back from Afghanistan dispatches. Am back to work on a series of major Afghanistan dispatches.Meanwhile, 33,000 people have signed up for my F... read more..


Court Decisions on Bagram Detainees

25 May 2010 We all are aware that war leads to difficult situations.  In regard to detainees, we've seen terrorists released only to strike again. Yet in the interest of justice we are concerned abou... read more..

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