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April 2021
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Madeisy’s Journey: Two of the Dead Migrants who died passing though Darien Gap — total seems to be about 12 dead, others raped, all robbed

Panama City, Panama Yon-genre mind-dump, sans edit Madeisy and her Mother contacted us last night. Chuck Holton took the call. They provided exact location via GPS. I will not reveal their locatio read more..


Vaccine in Vermont: White Folks go to end of line — and Madeisy update

In other news, we have not heard from Madeisy (16) and family for about 25 hours. They are heading north to America. We know where they plan to cross and I will fly up to see. We will neither aid no read more..


Season for War is Upon Us

Panama City, Panama Fair weather brings hot guns. I warned since early 2020 that 2021 will outdo whatever 2020 brings. Conditions are set. Conflict rarely comes as complete surprise. Historians of read more..


Madeisy now in Guatemala.

We chatted long time. Her written English is good. Spoken English not. This is normal. Many Japanese, for instance, write English at even university level but do not speak English. Madeisy is 16 an read more..


Burma: My latest interview with John Batchelor and Gordon Chang Burma: Gordian knot inside of a dark jungle. With China swooping in. And... read more..


Panama City, Panama

Interesting “stuff” ahead. You will see some on news as time unfolds. Some I will claim and others am just working behind scenes, as per normal. Have been updating key people like Utah Congressman read more..


Mapping Panama indigenous during Pandemic PANDEMIC WITH A THOUSAND FACES.

El Valle, Panama Yon-genre mind-dump, sans edit Maps are vital during pandemic. Doctors sans-maps was a keen problem while tracking Ebola in Africa. Many villages have the same or similar names. O read more..


This is a True Story

If you know anything about Richard Flaherty, please private message me. Especially about any of his time in Thailand, or as a Green Beret, or with ATF, or CIA. read more..


Russia vs. Ukraine

Watch the moon, and the weather. Bright moon, favorable weather, and firm ground. United States should not entrap ourselves here. Red Bear has short claws and small stomach. Help the Bear entrap it read more..


Reports on CCP Vaccine for their virus

Have you noticed the CCP statements? CCP is discussing mixing THREE rushed “vaccines” into a super-rushed-triple-vaccine. I am very pro-vaccination. Very pro modern medicine. Very pro-science. (As read more..

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