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April 2012
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Camera Auction

Kopp-Etchells Effect during combat operations with British Forces. (Sangin, Afghanistan, 2009) 01 April 2012 The time has come for expensive upgrades.  Canon has added the Mark III 5d and soon ... read more..


02 April 2012 The Army continues to insist that certain helicopters in Afghanistan must wear Red Crosses to abide by Geneva Conventions.  This is untrue.  There is no requirement to wear Re read more..


Attempted Fraud Using Ebay and PayPal names

Scam Packing slip 05 April 2012 Monday I listed some camera gear for sale on Ebay.  Starting bid was $7,000, but for $7,700 a buyer could take everything immediately.  Soon after came a cl... read more..


Aerial Camouflage – It’s Not Easy Being Green…with Big White Patches and Red Crosses

04 April 2012Written By: The recent discussions about removing the Red Crosses on white backgrounds from the Army’s MEDEVAC helicopters created quite an uproar from Army leadership read more..


Bowe Bergdahl: Two messages from the Taliban

10 April 2012 Over the months I have communicated with the Taliban about US prisoner Bowe Bergdahl.  Numerous times I have asked the Taliban to allow me to visit Bowe.  In each case, the Ta read more..


America’s Angry Troops: Message from a Marine

Image: DVIDS 13 April 2012 Marine, Army and Air Force sources continue to provide information about MEDEVAC failures in Afghanistan.  Top Army Generals say there are no complaints from the MEDE... read more..


Senator Harkin’s Disinformation Letter

04 April 2012 Written by: A constituent of U.S. Senator Tom Harkin finally received a reply five months after her initial letter and fax to Senator Harkin about MEDEVAC operations read more..


Is the Red Cross a Neutral Symbol to Afghans?

16 April 2012Wrtten by: [Writer] Michael Yon has written about the cultural importance of our MEDEVAC helicopters showing Red Cross symbols on them in a Muslim society. Here is a p read more..


RED CROSS: Symbol of Blood

Photo Michael Yon 17 April 2012 Army Generals will have the public believe that the Red Cross is a morale booster for our troops.  That load of bull is too heavy even for a Blackhawk helicopter... read more..


Afghanistan Opium Survey 2012

Please click here to view the entire document. read more..


Taliban Denounce Poisoning of Girls

18 April 2012 Yesterday, about 171 girls and women were poisoned at a school in Afghanistan.  Whereas the blame immediately went to the Taliban, Afghanistan is far too complex for reflexive answ read more..


Did Green Berets and MEDEVAC Violate Geneva Conventions in Afghanistan?

NO. Air Force HH-60G Pave Hawk in Afghanistan (photo credit DVIDS) 22 April 2012 A video is circulating of "Green Berets" in combat.  The Soldiers are hammering away with a minigun and other w... read more..


Dark Night

DVIDS 23 April 2012 Last week there was a suicide attack on a police checkpoint in Afghanistan.  There were numerous fatalities and wounded.  All Afghans. MEDEVAC flights can be extremely... read more..


Effective Smart Power in Afghanistan: Leveraging Hard Power and Soft Assets

24 April 2012 To view the entire report please click here.... read more..


Drunken Monkeys, Milkooks, Military, and the Media

US Army Master Sergeant and milblogger, CJ Grisham: known for spamming Wikipedia and other outlets with false information (This dispatch is intended for investigative journalists who may be intereste... read more..

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