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April 2011
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Rolling Stone Advertisers

A Partial List 100% Color5 Vortex (gum)absolutadamandeve.comAnti Sun DamageBoseBridgestonecampusquilt.comccforlife.comChevroletcustomink.comFoxfulsail.eduGarnier bath products:HerbaShineJim Beam Whis... read more..


There is a Right, and a Wrong

Mark Bieger with Farah 04 April 2011 In war, the closer you get to blood, the closer you get to truth.  One day in Iraq there was a car bomb. It was like any other day at that time.  Sever... read more..


Last Man Standing

Kuchi Girl in Farah 05 April 2011Many Provinces, Afghanistan As the Afghan war wears on and politicians, diplomats and generals thrust and parry about an endgame, one thing is clear: The outcome of ... read more..


Alexander the Great

Sunrise over Farah 07 April 2011 Afghanistan contains many treasures of ancient history.   Climate conditions here preserve old structures whose origins often remain a mystery. Alexan... read more..


Existe el bien, y también existe el mal

Mark Bieger con Farah 4 de abril 2011 En la guerra, cuanto más cerca estás de la sangre, más cerca estás de la verdad. Ese día explotó un coche-bomba en Irak. Era un día como cualquier otro. Varios ... read more..


After Action Report - Visit Columbia March 2011

  Please click to view the entire report. read more..


The Mysterious Well

Kak Kohzad 21 April 2011 In Afghanistan, there is a mysterious and ancient well.  Nobody knew how deep it was, or what might be down there, but some locals thought it might contain bones of the... read more..


Important Message From Libya

22 April 2011 I’ve been reading traffic from a private worldwide group regarding the sad loss of journalists Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington in Libya.  The people discussing the loss include ... read more..


The Mysterious Well: Part II of II

Axe Handle Cam Events from Farah Province, AfghanistanPublished 24 April 2011 The previous dispatch ended with Kris LeBoutillier lowering his camera into the mysterious well at Kafir Qala, which is ... read more..


Preliminary investigation findings from attack at North KAIA

Published: 29 April 2011 Classification: NATO/ISAFUNCLASSIFIED 2011-4-CA-016 Preliminary investigation findings from attack at North KAIA KABUL, Afghanistan (April 29) – In light of inaccuracy in ... read more..

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