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Obama's Afghanistan plan moves much too cautiously

1 April 2009  President Obama announced a goal to stand up 216,000 Afghan security forces by 2011. This falls far short of assessments by our own military that a security force of 400,000 is needed to read more..


Obama plan for Afghanistan, Pakistan short on bold

2 April 2009President Obama's new plan for Afghanistan and Pakistan (AfPak) was eagerly anticipated. I first reported from Afghanistan in early 2006 that the war was being lost, so any new plan to add read more..


Jingle Bombs, Jingle Bombs

Jingle all the Way1 April 2009 Hidden compartments don’t mean much to man’s best friend.  This working puppy found enough Emulite to kill hundreds of people.  Needless to say, the soldiers and contrac... read more..


Weapons to Mexico: Government Lying?

02 April 2009 Several readers have forwarded this important story.  Thank you. If FOX is right and the government is wrong (not surprising), this will be a feather in FOX's cap!  The Myth of 90 Percen read more..


Wife Rape

03 April 2009 The "law" is a fascinating topic.  When I was young, I read many dozens of books written by lawyers.  When the vignette linked below landed on my desk, it conjured memories of stories ab read more..


Black Market

03 April 2009I’m heading to Laos in a few hours and so comms likely will be tenuous.  Meanwhile, the war continues to unfold.  A reader sent the following story about the black market of war supplies read more..


Mexican Government in the Drug Business?

03 April 2009A concerned reader sent me this CNN video link on Youtube.  Please view this very disturbing piece: Mexican Incursions into the US. read more..


Dear Mexico: Stop Whining

03 April 2009Speaking not as a writer, but only as an American citizen, there are a few “irritants” as one learns more about the AmMex drug/criminal war.  Firstly, there seems little doubt that many g read more..


Hearing surprises senators

03 April 2009 Officials: Drug-war spillover exaggeratedBy Ramon Bracamontes / El Paso TimesEL PASO -- Sen. John Kerry and two members of his Foreign Relations Committee heard a clear message Monday read more..


Mexico is not a Failed State

03 April 2009 UpdateU.S. Sen. John Kerry: Mexico is not a failed stateALICIA A. CALDWELL / Associated Press Writer EL PASO, Texas - Mexico's government is being tested in its battle with powerful read more..


Taliban Beating Girl

05 April 2009Luang Prabang, LaosA concerned reader passed this along.  Gateway Pundit posted commentary and a video link of Taliban savages flogging a girl in public.  I recommend viewing this disturb read more..


American Guns and Mexicans

06 April 2009It would appear that the Mexico situation carries enough emotional potential – in North America – to dwarf anything we saw on Iraq.  Afghanistan is more like a martial metronome, or a sof read more..



07 April 2009War correspondent Matt Sanchez emailed saying he authored this FOX story. Mr. Sanchez also wrote:"You're looking at this from a rational, dispassionate, journalistic point of view--that's read more..


A Photo for You

Luang Prabang, Laos07 April 2009The sun had already set when I settled the bill at l’Elephant and walked up the darkening street away from the Mekong.  This small town with French ambiance and Asian c... read more..


More Photos for You

09 April 2009Chiang Mai, Northern ThailandThis morning some monks performed a ritual under a tree near my door.  I did not want to intrude upon their tranquility with a camera, so I modestly enjoyed t read more..


Thailand Unrest

Spot Report10 April 2009(1615 Thailand time)Chiang Mai, Northern ThailandThe growing unrest in Thailand is difficult to decipher.  When I attended peace rallies (that turned violent) in the United Sta... read more..



10 April 2009 A reader correctly pointed out that I mis-linked a story.  In fact, we seem to have swapped links during the editing process.  Going into our 5th year, this appears to be the first time read more..


War Council

10 April 2009General Raymond Odierno undoubtedly has greater understanding of the current state of the Iraq war than anyone in uniform or out.  I am one citizen who will wholeheartedly support Preside read more..


Vanished Soldiers: American Heroes Come Home

Commentary: Fallen brothers found - and lostBy Joseph L. Galloway | McClatchy NewspapersAs with so much in life and in death, there was news this week that was joyous and sad and bittersweet all at on... read more..


Thailand Cracking?

Posted from Malaysia13 April 2009[This dispatch is in the "RUBS" format.  (Rough, Unedited and Barely Spell checked.)  I can convey much more information and more timely by occasionally bursting out read more..


McClatchy journalists capture national journalism awards

14 April 2009 By McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON — Journalists for McClatchy's Washington Bureau, The Miami Herald and The Charlotte Observer received national awards for excellence Monday, two orga read more..


Perfect Valor

14 April 2009 On May 16, 2009, Citizens United Productions will premiere “Perfect Valor” at the GI Film Festival in Washington DC.Peabody Award winning Producer, David C. Taylor and noted contemporary read more..


Achilles' Heels

15 April 2009From Kuala LumpurViolence has dramatically declined in Bangkok.  Touch wood that tensions continue to abate.  Only time will reveal.The effort in AfPak has more than one Achilles' Heel.  read more..


Justice Department Releases Bush Administration Torture Memos

NEW YORK – In response to litigation filed by the American Civil Liberties Union under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Justice Department today released four secret memos used by the Bush a... read more..


Business in Iraq

18 April 2009 It's the economy, stupid Apr 16th 2009From The Economist print edition American investors attempt to spur Iraq’s private sectorIn 2005 on a dusty road in Tuz, Iraq, an American sol read more..


Doolittle Raid

19 April 2009 I am in Borneo heading into the jungles.  Got this interesting email from Japan’s late-1941 attack on Pearl Harbor left America feeling vulnerable, and Japan invinc read more..


Rifle and Pistol Club

19 April 2009Brunei, Borneo IslandMonday morning I plan to visit some natives in a jungle in Borneo.  They still hunt using blowguns and poison darts, I’m told.  And their ancestors were headhunters.  read more..


Torture is Wrong

24 April 2009From BorneoThe British Army runs various jungle training courses in the friendly country of Brunei, on Borneo Island.  I am with a British Army Gurkha battalion and am going through 21 da... read more..


On Track

Borneo Island25 April 2009The plan was to be back in Afghanistan by now.  Yet there are issues beyond my control that have kept me in a holding pattern.  And so I came down to Borneo to keep reading u... read more..


Tracking Update

25 April 2009Brunei, Borneo IslandThis quick email from Borneo is an update about the combat tracking course conducted by the British military.Tracking is a lost art in the British and U.S. militaries... read more..

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