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April 2007
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RUBS (Raw Unedited, Barely Spellchecked) I had occasion to read through the comments on the last few RUBS dispatches and I noticed, with appreciation, all the notes from families of soldiers in the ... read more..


The Decider. The Decisions.

04/04/2007 By Joseph L. Galloway McClatchy Newspapers An ever more combative President George W. Bush this week denounced the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate for read more..


Desires of the Human Heart, Part One

This shooting perch appears in numerous photos in the series, and in the photos where it cannot be seen, it’s always close. The 1-4 Cavalry from Fort Riley, Kansas, likely will spend the next year—and... read more..


David Halberstam

By Joseph L. Galloway McClatchy Newspapers 04/25/2007 He was the stuff of legend, and it is nothing less than a national tragedy that so great a voice was silenced by a car crash this week, just w read more..


Desires of the Human Heart, Part II

LTC Crider, the battalion commander of 1-4, assured the people that the Americans are there to stay until the Iraqis can take over, but I sense that Iraqis are more worldly than we might imagine. Many... read more..

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