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March 2021
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Darien Gap: Sikh in The Jungle

Capurgana, Colombia—by Panama Border— The Darien Gap Yon-Genre Mind-Dump, sans edit The sun rises now over the Caribbean. Sounds of waves driven by briskly. Grey above portends rain and higher dan read more..


Children in Danger: Where is Madeisy Batista?

Written from Panama, 22 March 2021 Location of events: Necocli, Colombia, 03 March 2021 Yon-Genre mind-dump, sans edit We overnight at Necocli Colombia. Our destination was Darien Gap. The treach read more..


NOW: Panama Grocery Store prices

Those of us fortunate enough to shop in such stores should step out of bed each morning and be thankful. And go to bed thankful. All of us with the time and resources to view these photos have much read more..



CCP information War in Panama City, Panama: Confucius Institute

Panama City, Panama A Yon-Genre mind-dump, sans edit Panama is one of the most strategic slices of land on earth. The short story: The Panama Canal was opened to traffic on 15 August 1914. A read more..


Tonight: Waxing Gibbous Moon — Fair Weather — The Borders will be overrun

Panama City, Panama Yon-Genre mind-dump, sans edit Life on earth is immensely effected by the Moon. Second only to the sun. Entire religions, calendars, tides, architecture, and every sort of huma read more..


Burma: Dictator Government Bombs Karen people.

Panama City, Panama Yon-Genre Mind-dump, sans edit Burma: Some of these attacks are less than a day from my office in Thailand. Most of that time is just getting across the river avoiding Burmese read more..


BBC just picked up on Darien Gap. Looks like we may have just woken up the world again:

Your donations helped make this happen. And Chuck Holton’s expert guidance. Thank you! read more..


Burma: Some Photographs I made with Karen Resistance

To be clear, I am in Panama City, Panama tonight. I made these photos some years ago in Burma. The village in these photos is in the area of recent bombings and may have been bombed. As you will read more..


Children in Great Danger: Madeisy Contacted us 11 hours ago: 10 Dead, 10 raped, according to Madeisy

Panama City, Panama Yon-genre mind-dump, sans edit We last heard from Madeisy about 27 days ago when we talked with Madeisy and brother Miguel (12) in Nicocli, Colombia. They were heading into the read more..

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