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March 2013
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FBR: Kachin Update

FBR Report: Kachin Update – Photo set two; Attacks Against the Kachin are Sporadic but Displacement is Constant Kachin State, Burma8 March, 2013 One of five camps for displaced Kachin that was vis... read more..


Seven Myths About “Women in Combat"

17 March 2013 Published here with permission from the author. Written By: G.S. Newbold, Lieutenant General, USMC (Ret.) Marine photo / Cpl. Jennifer Pirante Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Michelle Berglin read more..


USAF and American Flags Atop Mt. Everest

25 March 2013Written by: Rob Marshall Family and Friends, I've been meaning to write this email for some time now.  I thought it would be better to hold off until the big event was close, but I... read more..


Tragedy in Thailand

27 March 2013 Burma neighbors Thailand on the west.  For 65 years, a war against and between ethnic groups in Burma has been on.  The conflicts created many internally displaced refugees,... read more..


Stalking Soldier Arrested, Disarmed by Texas Police: Some facts, opinion, and analysis

28 March 2013 US Army Master Sergeant CJ Grisham: This Soldier has a Top Secret clearance. Over the past couple of years, I repeatedly warned the US Army that Master Sergeant Christopher “CJ” Grisha... read more..

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