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March 2011
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Talibán muerto en Chora

(Nota a vuela pluma y sin editar,  desde el frente.) Los hombres esperan su turno para rendir homenaje al talibán muerto27 de febrero de 2011 Estos lugares tienen nombres como Sangin, Arghandab read more..


Un muro calcinado y un charco

El charco 28 de febrero de 2011Provincia de Uruzgán, Afganistán Esta mañana hemos transitado por una peligrosa carretera sin pavimentar que va de Tarin Kot a Dehrawud, y hemos visto los cráteres cau... read more..


War Stories & Rumors

Russian Tank near Tarin Kot 02 March 2011 There are always the stories.  Some true, some not, most are hybrids.  There was the story in Iraq of the farmer who found a crashed UAV (Unmanned... read more..


Rumores e historias de guerra

Tanque ruso, cerca de Tarin Kot 2 de marzo de 2011 Siempre están las historias... algunas son ciertas, otras, no; la mayoría son una mezcla de verdad y leyenda.  Por ejemplo, en Irak corría una... read more..


101st Airborne

04 March 2011 Plans are afoot to embed with the 2-506 Infantry in Paktika Province.  If all goes well, the hard work will begin several weeks from now.  The Battalion Commander is Lieutenan read more..


Afghanistan – the (Way Forward)

By: Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai  (June 2007) The entire world witnessed the humiliating withdrawal of the Soviet Red Army from Afghanistan in 1989. Their invasion of Afghanistan had brought no joy bu... read more..


Pulp Nonfiction

06 March 2011 A story in The Telegraph today describes how the British MoD bought and pulped the entire first printing of a new book for ‘national security’ reasons.  Having had my own dealing read more..


It’s Time to Start Killing Pirates

Last month, pirates murdered four Americans aboard the S/V Quest off the coast of Somalia.  The 58' Quest was shadowed by a 4-ship US Navy task force of some 130,000 tons including an aircraft ca... read more..


Money as a Weapon System - Afghanistan

Please click to view entire document. read more..


Calling BULLSHIT on Rolling Stone

29 March 2011 Seldom do I waste time with rebutting articles, and especially not from publications like Rolling Stone.  Today, numerous people sent links to the latest Rolling Stone tripe. ... read more..


Soldiers' Angels April Newsletter 2011

Please Click to view the entire newsletter. read more..


Rolling Stone: Boycotting Advertisers

31 March 2011 In 2006, I launched a boycott against a magazine owned by a huge conglomerate.  The Boycott damaged the magazine but the extent was unknown.  Eight months later, the press rep... read more..

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