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February 2021
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Trump Wall boundary with Biden Border

06 February 2021SoCalA Yon-Genre Mind-Dump sans edit I made these photos on two separate days, are location. You can hardly see the Trump Wall in the main image above because I am lined up on its e read more..


California Dreamin’: Cognitive Dissonance and the Tar Pits

07 February 2021Ontario, California Yon-Genre Mind-dump, sans edit This is not my first trip to California. I’ve been here many times, including going to school here twice, and having studied and read more..


Kinjiro — Peasant Sage of Japan

Kinjiro Ninomiya is a virtuous icon of Japan for his lifelong study and teachings on agricultural and other vital topics. A story told to me by a Japanese friend includes that when Kinjiro was young read more..


Expert Gordon Chang calls for Breaking ALL Ties with China

Genocide against Tibetans, Uighers, kidnapping Hong Kongers in places like Thailand, soft-Genocide against Hong Kongers, threats or actions against Taiwan, Japan, India, Nepal, Korea, Bhutan, and mo read more..


Author Archie Miyamoto on Anti-Korea/US/Japan Information Operations Portland, OregonYon-Genre mind-dump. Sans edit. Archie Miyamoto is one of the most interesting men ... read more..


Hong Kong — echoes — Organizational Structure Dictates Outcome

Yon-Genre mind-dump, sans edit The communists kicked me out of Hong Kong in 2020. Then the CCP pandemic blanketed the world and I read tons of books in 2020. I even re-read 1984, Animal Farm, Lord read more..

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