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February 2020
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VIDEO: Beijing Puppet Government Censures my Work -- deports me

Please see video, and please join my Patreon and support. I need it. Working hard out here but all is fine. They did not physically attack me. read more..


Chinese Economy Collapsing: Source

Please see this quick assessment from a USG friend who is a China-watcher. read more..


Afghanistan: Tim Lynch weighs in on attack against Green Berets in Nangarhar

Note on Tim Lynch: Tim is a friend and he is the real deal. Former Marine infantry officer -- I spent months with Tim in numerous Afghan provinces including Nangarhar (where this attack occurred), Kab... read more..


China Plague Grows: Update on Wuhan Virus

CWMD reports the incubation period for the coronavirus can be up to 24 days, not 14 days as previously thought.  The CDC evaluates the public health risk to the U.S. and globally as High, however... read more..


Pandemic: US Military Response

Remember--US forces, due to World War I -- were the primary initial incubator and vehicle making the 1918 pandemic spread from Kansas to crowded barracks to ships to across the globe. The 1918 Spa... read more..


Excellent Interview with Mark Simon on Pandemic/China

Every time I talk with Mark Simon, I get an education. Last time I had breakfast with Mark in Hong Kong was like a national security briefing. You'd do well to listen to Mark Simon, and Steve Bannon. ... read more..

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