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The Army MEDEVAC Scandal: Report of Conspiracy

02 February 2012 An Army officer writes: The Army is not resisting Dustoff policy change because our leadership honestly believes the current policy is superior, but rather because of AMEDD's [Army read more..


Crucifixion of Common Sense

03 February 2012 Nobody crucifies common sense like the US Army.  During my morning search for anything MEDEVAC related, several new stories emerged, including one with these illustrative quotes read more..


Contempt of and for Congress?

US Military Forges Ahead with Deadly Deceptions Dhaka, Bangladesh 05 February 2012 The US military is toying with American lawmakers. Based on two key documents submitted to individual Members of C... read more..


A Matter of Trust

11 February 2012 Going unarmed into combat is a bad idea.  Going unarmed while wearing a Red Cross to alert the enemy that you are defenseless is dumb.  A commander who forces his troops read more..


New Britches: Part II

13 February 2012 Our Soldiers’ pants have been falling apart.  In August 2011, I wrote about this from Afghanistan.  The news was picked up widely.  My dispatch shows photos of Soldi read more..


Tippity Top General attempts to Deceive Congressman (in writing)

14 February 2012 Happy Valentine’s Day.  It isn’t Valentine’s for those who will get hit with bullets or bombs today.  And it will happen.  So let’s get down to business. The top offi read more..


Department of Army Monitoring MEDEVAC Articles

15 February 2012 The following message was issued behind closed doors by the Department of Army (DA).  It pertains to media coverage of the MEDEVAC debacle.  There is no foul in monitoring read more..


66 is not 59

17 February 2012 The Army campaign around the MEDEVAC continues to unravel.  They’ve tried just about everything short of assassination and witchcraft to freeze the growing stampede.  In th read more..


A Hypothetical Interview General Martin Dempsey:

18 February 2012 General Martin Dempsey is the highest-ranking member of the US military.  He directly advises the President.  Lieutenant General John Campbell is Chief of Army Operations read more..


Army Dustoff Medics Unprepared

“After more than 9 years of conflict and more than 40 AAR’s recommending the evolution of MEDEVAC to current civilian standards, no institutional change has been made. Continuing the legacy model has ... read more..


White Birds in a Red War

25 February 2012 An Army Dustoff pilot studying his art ran across some interesting passages.  The book DUST OFF: ARMY AEROMEDICAL EVACUATION IN VIETNAM mentions machine guns, missiles, Geneva C... read more..


Our Weak Government Must Stop Apologizing for Criminal Behavior of Others

27 February 2012 The recent Koran-burning in Afghanistan has again inspired lunacy and murder.  And while the US civilian and military leadership burdened by their oleaginous apologies tumbles d... read more..


Tigers, Crocodiles, Korans and Superstitions

Tiger eyes of man with fresh scars “The Sundarbans lies in the massive delta between India and Bangladesh. This is one of the most beautiful but most dangerous places in the world, a place of tigers ... read more..


Sisters at War

29 February 2012 This is a small tribute to our women in harm’s way. We constantly argue about whether or not women should be allowed in combat.  Reality is that they have been in combat for lo... read more..

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