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February 2011
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Sangin Then, and Now

2 February 2011 During the summer of 2009, the British were fighting hard for Sangin.  They were always outnumbered by Taliban and terrain.  Casualties were high. Today, US Marines are pay read more..


Soldiers' Angels Febuary Newsletter 2011

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River of Tears: Snapshots from the Edge of a War

River of Tears Snapshots from the Edge of a War 14 Feburary 2011 The Salween River forms a border between Thailand and Burma.  “Rambo” fictionally crossed this jungle current in the movie Ra... read more..


General Petraeus: Unfounded rumors

16 February 2011 Just got this email from Geoff Morrell, Press Secretary for Secretary Robert Gates: "Despite some sensational speculation by one of the London papers, I can assure you General Petra read more..


Return to Afghanistan

Day by Day 17 February 2011 All is looking good for my return to Afghanistan within one week.  The more researched photo-dispatches will be published here.  For daily updates that will n read more..


Río de lágrimas: instantáneas al filo de la guerra

14 de febrero de 2011 El río Salween marca la frontera entre Tailandia y Birmania. En la ficción, "Rambo" cruzó la actual selva en la película "Rambo IV", pero, desgraciadamente, no hay nada de fic read more..


Michael Yon to return to Afghanistan

20 Feburary 2011Reprinted from The US ReportAuthor Kay B. Day Band-e-Amir in Bamyan Province is Afghanistan's first national park; it consists of six spectacular turquoise lakes separated by natural read more..


Thumbs Up in Afghanistan

22 February 2011 Arrived back in Kandahar today and immediately set off into the wilds.  Am not with troops at this time, but later will see about embedding. While driving in Kandahar City to read more..


Tennessee in Afghanistan

Anyone missing this car? 23 February 2011 The weather in Kandahar was cool and bright all day.  I travelled around Kandahar City with people from the Central Asia Development Group (owned by a ... read more..



Deadly Panjwai in Kandahar Province 27 February 2011Filed from Tarin Kot, Urozgan Province Panjwai has been one of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan.  Much Canadian, American, and Afghan ... read more..


Panjwai: Spanish Translation

El peligrosísimo distrito de Panjwai, en la provincia de Kandahar 27 de febrero de 2011Desde Tarin Kot, provincia de Uruzgán Panjwai viene siendo una de las zonas más peligrosas de Afganistán. En su... read more..


Buen trabajo en Afganistán

22 de febrero de 2011 Hoy he vuelto de nuevo a Kandahar e inmediatamente me puesta en marcha hacia las zonas interiores más aisladas. En esta ocasión no voy con las tropas, pero más adelante veré l read more..


Geopolitical analysis of Afghanistan

WHERE THE POWER LIES By Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai. July 2007     1.    Introduction and Major Players: Afghanistan’s strategic position at the crossroads of so many tra... read more..


Dead Taliban in Chora

(A raw, unedited note from war.) Men lining up to pay respects to killed Taliban 27 February 2011 The places have names like Sangin, Arghandab, Panjwai, Now Zad, Musa Qala, Korengal Valley, Pech Va read more..


Scorch & Puddle

The Puddle 28 February 2011Urozgan Province, Afghanistan This morning, we drove a dangerous unpaved road from Tarin Kot to Dehrawud, passing recent bomb craters and ancient wrecks of two Soviet tank... read more..


Soldiers' Angels March Newsletter 2011

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