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Afghanistan: A Dream That Will Not Come True

03 February 2009  Afghanistan is a gaunt, thorny bush, growing amid rocks and dust on dry windswept plains, sweltering deserts, and man-crushing mountains. Its neighbors are treacherous. The Afghan pe read more..


It’s Raining

Published: 06 February 2009There had been a light, cold drizzle just before the Muslim taxi driver picked me up in Jerusalem.  It should be a 90-minute drive to Sderot, in southern Israel.  Along the ... read more..


REPORT FROM USMC in Anbar Province

MGen John Kelly USMC, CG MNF West, senior Marine in Iraq.From: Kelly MajGen John F (CG) Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2009 9:53 AM  Election DayI don't suppose this will get much coverage in the Sta... read more..


Hamas Stealing Food Aid From Its Own People?

07 February 2009It would appear that the terrorist group Hamas is stealing from its own people. This should not be surprising; Hamas is a criminal organization engaged in criminal activities.  Even th read more..


The Dissenter Who Changed the War

Army Gen. Raymond T. Odierno was an unlikely dissident, with little in his past to suggest that he would buck his superiors and push the U.S. military in radically new directions. Please click to r... read more..


Planning Victory in Afghanistan

Fred Kagan is a very smart man and dedicated to winning.  When Mr. Kagan talks, I listen.  I recently got to talk with him privately for more than two ours in Bahrain.Please see Mr. Kagan's story, pub... read more..


Exclusive Excerpt of Tom Ricks' Upcoming Book in The Washington Post Today

The Washington Post today has the second exclusive excerpt from Tom Ricks' upcoming book "The Gamble." Today Ricks looks at Gen. David Petraeus' political strategy as he faced the mission of executing... read more..


McCaffrey Update on National Security

Please click to view entire document.   Please click to view entire document.   ... read more..


How Much is Afghanistan Really Worth to Us?

10 February 2009While we prepare to shunt perhaps 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan (which still will not be enough), Russia continues to play the Asian chessboard.  The Russians are picking off pawn read more..


Lithuanian Forces and Piotr Stanczak

11 February 2009 This pamphlet came from our Lithuanian friends, who are proud of the hard work they are performing in Afghanistan.  They've earned such an excellent reputation with U.S. forces that I read more..


The Eagle Went over the Mountain

11 February 2009 Please click to view entire Power Point.   read more..


The India I remember

11 February 2009 This is the India I remember.  I've had two lives; the one in India, and all the rest. read more..


Interesting Afghan Statistics

15 February 2009 One must always be careful with statistics, and especially so when dealing with insurgencies.  The numbers tend to lag behind the true current situation.  For instance, in July of 200 read more..


Lessons In Survival

17 February 2009 The science that explains why elite military forces bounce back faster than the rest of us. By Ben Sherwood | NEWSWEEKPublished Feb 14, 2009 | Updated: 2:38  p.m. ET Feb 14 read more..


Jihad TV in Europe

19 February 2009 MARK DUBOWITZ and ROBERTA BONAZZI  on Wall Street Journal Online Their propaganda notwithstanding, Hamas and, two years ago, Hezbollah suffered devastating military defeats th read more..


Joe Galloway: Afghanistan smells like South Vietnam in 1965

MCT COLUMN 281(02/19/2009) By Joseph L. GallowayMcClatchy Newspapers President Barack Obama this week announced that he was ordering an additional 17,000 American troops to Afghanistan, more than ha... read more..


Pakistani Taliban to Review Cease-Fire

21 February 2009  This could be a major victory for our enemies: Pakistani Taliban to Review Cease-FireBy VOA News21 February 2009Taliban militants in northwest Pakistan say they are considering exten... read more..


Mini-surge to test out US strategy in Afghanistan

22 February 2009 U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan. Their progress will be closely watched by friends and enemies alike: Mini-surge to test out US strategy in AfghanistanSome 3,000 US tr... read more..


NATO 'alive and kicking,' its chief says

22 February 2009 NATO 'alive and kicking,' its chief says.A more accurate title might be: NATO 'alive and kicking like a man being mauled by a tiger.'  (Because he forgot to bring a rifle to a tiger h... read more..


New Bid to Eradicate al Qaeda

23 February 2009Iraq continues to progress, but still some fighting.  Yet these days, al Qaeda in Iraq is like a piranha fish with no scales; it's still alive and flopping around on shore, but the dwi... read more..


U.S. Unit Secretly in Pakistan Lends Ally Support

23 February 2009 This is the best news I've seen all year.  Green Berets operating vibrantly in the belly of the beast:U.S. Unit Secretly in Pakistan Lends Ally Support By ERIC SCHMITT and JANE PERLEZ... read more..


Galactic Collisions

24 February 2009 Want to see a time when the press and the President really clashed with the media?  When was it?  World War I?  World War II?  Korea?  Vietnam?  Iraq I?  Iraq II?  (Definitely not Afg... read more..


The Fallen

24 February 2009 We may have a lot of problems at home -- and we do -- but our brothers and sisters are out there for us tonight.  We lost eight just today.  Four soldiers were killed in Iraq, and fou... read more..


"The United States of America Does Not Torture"

24 February 2009 President Barack Obama has spoken.  His words beamed around the world.  I am in Asia preparing for a long year in Afghanistan and other contended places, but stopped to listen closely... read more..

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