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06 January 2021: Massive Day has Begun — Epic History Unfolding

Time now 0547, Washington, D.C. I’ve been up since 0300 preparing for this day. Georgia seems to have gone to Democrats. Meanwhile, last night, dozens of pro-Democracy Hong Kongers were arrested whil... read more..


Agent Provocateur' Tactics Seen at Jan 6 US Capitol Protest—Interview With Michael Yon | Crossroads

Some global observations on protests/rallies I have been to around the world, and at home in America. ... read more..


State of Emergency, and Diversification

12 January 2021Washington, D.C. Yon-Genre mind dump. Unedited. Those who have followed my work for years -- and especially in 2020 -- are not surprised at all at the turn of events. My focus now read more..


Washington, D.C.: Barriers going up — Troops are on the streets

13 January 2021Washington, D.C.Yon-Genre Mind-dump without edit First some admin. Please see my Patreon post from yesterday. Since 2005, I have operated on reader support. In the times ahead, this read more..


MIDNIGHT in Washington D.C.

Reminds me of Baghdad with all the barriers going up. Checkpoints. Troops all around in civilian cars. More barriers dropped off to be installed. Contractors—like Baghdad, working everywhere. Hotels read more..


President Obama rightfully fired McChrystal

I have more real combat experience than any war correspondent you ever met. Officers like McChrystal do not impress me. I was happy to see my advice heeded when McChrystal when President Obama fired read more..


Washington, D.C. — Now Effectively Under Martial Law Washington, D.C.Yon-Genre Mind-dump without edit I am looking at the the White House now. The flag is up. P read more..


Washington, D.C.: The beat goes on

Yon-Genre Mind-dump: unedited Am here by the White House now and just now hear a Huey helicopter flying. Who’s got the Huey? I made most of these photos last night at Black Lives Matter Plaza by t read more..


Gateway Pundit: Expert Michael Yon Witnessed Capitol Attack

Expert Michael Yon Looked for Cells at Capitol Protests and Immediately Identified Antifa and Others By Joe Hoft Published January 24, 2021 at 2:10pm read more..


STOP Committing Suicide

El Paso, TexasYon-Genre Mind Dump, sans edit Been a long day. Started a few days ago, and this morning was down on the border doing a live interview on War Room Pandemic. See here: https://rumble. read more..


Counter-Slavery Sign in El Paso, Texas

This sign is taped up on a restroom door in an El Paso restaurant. In 2021, slavery remains a global “thing.” Entire countries are enslaved. Travel and see... Before posting this sign, I checked th read more..

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