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January 2012
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Passing the MEDEVAC Buck

03 January 2012Los Angeles, California Our Army medical evacuation helicopters in Afghanistan frequently come under fire.  These helicopters are clearly marked with the Red Cross on a white back read more..


Take Me to Your Leader (If you have one)

09 January 2012 Jordan Schneider has done an excellent job helping to push the MEDEVAC Red Cross issue.  Her energy seems bottomless.  It was Jordan the active citizen who contacted Senat read more..



Letter from home 10 January 2011 Increasing progress is being made on the Army helicopter MEDEVAC problems.  Media attention has been building and appears that it will soon break big.  Com... read more..


Experienced Camera Gear for Sale

11 January 2012 Many folks have asked me about selling camera gear.  I’m starting to offload some glass.  These four Canon lenses have all been used downrange either in Iraq, Afghanistan, o read more..


AfCats - Wild Cats of Afghanistan

12 January 2012 First came the rumors.  Innumerable US Soldiers claimed to have seen large cats in Kandahar Province.  More than once I saw Afghan Soldiers laugh it off, saying our folks read more..


Progress on Removing Dustoff Red Crosses

16 January 2012 Caring people are becoming involved from Hawaii to Texas to Washington.  There has even been help from the United Kingdom.  Thank you in the UK! Please see this OpEd from L read more..


Danger For Senators and Representatives

Army Deceptions May Cause Embarrassment 17 January 2012 The Army has been deceiving members of Congress about MEDEVAC issues in Afghanistan.  This poses a danger for civilian leadership who m... read more..


Iran, Nukes, and Oil

The entire Report can be viewed here. read more..


Marine Urination Video: Some Thoughts

18 January 2012 The bad judgment exercised by a handful of Marines should be treated like an ND: a Negligent Discharge.  In the US military, if you “accidentally” pull the trigger and launch an read more..



Soldiers' Angels January Newsletter 2012

Please click here to view the entire pdf. read more..


Joint Chiefs of Staff: Bogus Report to Congress

19 January 2012 The Joint Chiefs of Staff sent a bogus letter on MEDEVAC to the House Armed Services Committee.  The JCS letter is so filled with errors and deceptions that it has taken more tha read more..


JCS: Curiouser and Curiouser

19 January 2012 I published a letter that I received from Congressman Todd Akin's office.  Mr. Akin is on the House Armed Services Committee.  According to Mr. Akin's office, HASC received read more..


CBS Video of MEDEVAC Issue

20 January 2012 What do you think of Lieutenant General John F. Campbell's remarks in this video? Please click to view. read more..


All In: The Education of General David Petraeus

Dear Friends and Family, After three years of effort, the day has nearly arrived!  My book, "All In:  The Education of General David Petraeus," written with Vernon Loeb, will be released read more..


Time to Leave Afghanistan

21 January 2012 This war is going to turn out badly. We are wasting lives and resources while the United States decays and other threats emerge.  We led the horse to water. Importantly, there i... read more..


Messages from Joint Chiefs of Staff

23 January 2012 The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) provided a document to the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) about MEDEVAC issues in Afghanistan.  The document was provided with no cover or ... read more..


A Young Iranian Woman Writes

25 January 2012 A young Iranian woman has written to me off and on for a couple of years.  Yesterday she sent a note. I responded in part with a few questions: What do young Iranians think abo... read more..


Thoughts from a Dustoff Pilot

26 January 2012 I am a Dustoff pilot (Instructor pilot) with over 1000 hours of combat time, and over 300+ combat medevac missions under my belt.  In 2004 (Iraq) we flew single ship, responding ... read more..



27 January 2012 The MEDEVAC issue continues to grow.  There have been many articles and it's becoming difficult to keep up.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff is preparing something for Congress.&n... read more..


Another Dustoff Pilot says Delays Costing Lives

(The following letter appeared on the Army Times website.) DEADLY DELAYS “What the hell happened to Medevac, sir?” That was a question an angry sergeant asked me as I was eating chow last February read more..


British Officer Slams US Army on Growing MEDEVAC Debacle

28 January 2012 While reading traffic in a closed forum between current and former military officers, I stumbled across this message from a British officer.  I’ve known him since the Iraq days, ... read more..


13 Military Pilots Rebuke the Joint Chiefs of Staff

An overview of harmful Army medical evacuation practices not endorsed by other service branches, and a response to official arguments defending this policy provided by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) ... read more..


Important Letter from Gold Star Mother

31 January 2012 A Gold Star Mother is one who lost a child in service of the United States.  Ms. Keyko Clark-Davis is a recent Gold Star Mother.  I was present when her son Chazray was mort... read more..

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