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January 2011
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The Jungle Twins

01 January 2011 In October 2010, a rare set of elephant twins was born in Thailand, leading to vibrant media interest.· The birth was a happy surprise partly because it had been the second set of t read more..


Winter Haven Native's War Dispatches Have Worldwide Audience

Please click here to view entire article in the Lakeland Ledger. ... read more..


For My Thai Friends

04 January 2011 Was walking by the water.  There were thousands of birds and so I wanted to send this snapshot back to Thailand.  Thai people are welcome in Florida!  Y'all get over read more..


COMISAF Assessment

Please click here for pdf. read more..


Tactics in Counterinsurgency

Please Click here to download. read more..


Egypt Eruption

I asked General (ret.) Barry McCaffrey for his thoughts on the evolving situation in Egypt: Egypt is a few steps short of a disaster.  The corrupt, incompetent regime will not survive. Most l... read more..


Did Mubarak Flee?

High USG source just told me Mubarak may have fled.  USG working to confirm.  US evacuation now very high priority.... read more..

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