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Afghanistan to Syria

30 August 2013 Before reading my Monday dispatch on Syria, please read this previous dispatch from Afghanistan. British Member of Parliament Adam Holloway is a prominent figure in both. There be Dra... read more..


Syria: Outrage is Not a Strategy

02 September 2013 Never Go to War without the Support of Your People In 2006, the talking points from London and Washington insisted we had won the war in Afghanistan, and Iraq was not in civil wa read more..


Army Times: Fort Hood soldiers can face UCMJ if they won't show ID to cops

24 September 2013 According to the Army Times and many other publications, soldiers from Fort Hood are turning many Texans against them.  The base commander has finally put his boot down as a di... read more..


Marine Statement on Bastion Attack

01 October 2013 Commandant Announces Decision in Afghanistan Attack Investigation HEADQUARTERS MARINE CORPS, Washington, D.C. - The Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen James F. Amos, has concluded t read more..


Afghanistan: A Bigger Monster

10 October 2013 Just months ago Pentagon officials dismissed the idea of a total pullout from Afghanistan.  Today we are on the verge of ending negotiations on our future there, leading to the read more..


Warning to Judge and Jurors in Grisham Trial

20 October 2013 Mouse mutilated and published by US soldier on trial: CJ Grisham This week, the trial of CJ Grisham ended in a hung jury.  A source in the courtroom told me that the jury was 5: read more..


The Trial That Won’t Go Away

23 October 2013 Written by: Barbara Lawrence Television dramas make trials look deceptively short, succinct, and neatly wrapped in a one hour package with ample time to raid the refrigerator.  ... read more..


An Army Ranger Gives an on Ground Account of the War in Grenada

DOD Oct 25, 2013 5:45 am - by Stephen TrujilloEdited by Jacob Siegel Stephen Trujillo was a combat medic with the 2d Ranger Battalion during the invasion of Grenada. Here is his first hand account o... read more..


Bayonet 95

The 5th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division Commander, Col. Harry D. Tunnell IV, prepares for an aerial reconnaissance mission in an OH-58 Kiowa helicopter over the Kandahar region of A... read more..


Syria Coverage

Published: 09 November 2013 More than 100,000 people are estimated to have died already in the Syrian Civil War with no end in sight. Myriad outsiders have become involved with foreign fighters from... read more..


القطن الناري في سوريا

11 November 2013 يستخدم القطن الناري لإطلاق المدفعية يدوية الصنع مزقت الحرب سوريا، ولا تتورع القوات الحكومية المسلحة عن القيام بأي شيء في سبيل سحق المعارضة واستعادة السيطرة. وتستخدم الحكومة الضربات read more..


Guncotton in Syria

11 November 2013 Guncotton used to launch homemade artillery. War has shattered Syria.  Heavily armed government forces will stop at nothing to destroy opposition to retain power.  The gov read more..


Syria: Darkly Hilarious

13 November 2013 This video was made in the middle of the war, by Syrians in the thick of it. Notice the American, UN, and Saudi sitting on the left.  Russia and others make cameos. &n read more..


Crash of the MiG

14 November 2013Written by: Abou EbraheemTranslation to Arabic: Suhaib Ghoutani MiG jets bomb my city between five to ten times every day taking the lives of scores of innocent people. About two read more..


تحطم الميغ

14 November 2013 أبو إبراهيم الديري: يقصف طيران الميغ مدينتي كل يوم من خمس إلى عشرة مرات يومياً.مخلفا عشرات الضحايا. منذ قرابة شهرين حلقت طائرة في سماء المدينة في جولة قصفها الصباحية المعتادة. كان read more..


Schießbaumwolle in Syrien

11 November 2013 Schießbaumwolle, um hausgemachte Artillerie abzufeuern Der Krieg hat Syrien zerbrochen. Schwer bewaffnete Regierungstruppen kennen keinen Halt und werden jedwede Opposition zerstöre read more..


Crash der MiG

14 November 2013 Geschrieben von: Abou EbraheemÜbersetzung ins Arabische: Suhaib GhoutaniÜbersetzung ins Deutsche und Türkische: Ilhan Akcay MiG-Jets bombardieren meine Stadt zwischen fünf bis zeh read more..


Justice in Texas

18 November 2013By Barbara Lawrence Trial No. 2 for Army Master Sergeant CJ Grisham begins this Monday morning in Temple, Texas.  The once smugly confident Master Sergeant has been floundering a read more..


Grisham Trial in Texas: The Party’s Over

19 November 2013by Barbara Lawrence, courtroom eyewitness This time it’s a beautiful sunny day, mild and temperate, despite being mid-November in Texas. The trees have turned luscious red, gold and t read more..


Burma Army Captures, Kills and Tortures Villagers in Kachin State, Forcing Over 2,000 to Flee

19 November 2013Written By: Free Burma Rangers Mansi Township, Kachin State, Burma In This Report: -       Burma Army Attacks in Mansi Township send 2,000 Villagers to read more..


How you Got Hit

25 November 2013 Some people love war.  For most others, the disease is difficult to live with. Parents have it bad.  They are challenged to safeguard children while showing strength whe... read more..


Storm Warning: The Trial and Conviction of CJ Grisham

by Barbara Lawrence, witness to trial 26 November 2013 Prelude Two days before I left to attend the retrial of Master Sergeant CJ Grisham, I received my annual National Rifle Association membership... read more..


Wie ich getroffen wurde

25 November 2013 Manche Menschen lieben Krieg. Für die meisten anderen ist es eine Krankheit, mit der es sich schwer lebt. Eltern tun sich schwer. Sie müssen ihre Kinder beschützen und gleichzeiti... read more..


From the Hearts of Thai People

28 November 2013 Government opposition has grown in Thailand to historical proportions.  Millions of Thai people from all walks of life, and from across the political and economic spectrum, are ... read more..


Daily Thailand and Syria Updates on my Facebook

30 November 2013 Please "friend" my daily updates: read more..


Al Qaeda in Syria: A Snapshot

1 December 2013 Given by Kawa Khalil, annotated by Michael Yon The Syrian rebel Kawa Khalil told me the recent story of the Holy Cross church. Before the war, the church doubled as a school, atte read more..


Thailand: Pause on Fighting for King's Birthday

04 December 2013 I am in Turkey to study the Syrian civil war.  Yet this is also a crucial moment in Thailand.  A few words on the Kingdom are due. December 5 is His Majesty's birthday. As read more..

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