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"they have worked in more than one war." Michael, this makes me crazy! We are only in ONE war, GWOT, in TWO FRONTS! Sorry, but had to make that point. "There was more chatter about the Kenyan s read more..


civil society

A civil society is one that admires artists, and has time to admire and critique and argue about their creations. An advanced society is one that can generate and support an Army that promotes the art... read more..


Re: Zero

"To posit such ideas is to ignore history. The second Great War ended, yet we still maintain a presence in Germany, and throughout Europe. Not to mention post-war Japan. War is over. Yes we will be in read more..


Alpha Company Ride Along

As an Army wife (the one married to SSG Foust), I am very encouraged by what I've just read. When it comes to news about Iraq and Afghanistan, military spouses are split into two groups, ones who see... read more..


Agreement For Withdrawal of United States Forces from Iraq

Published: 03 December 2008Click Here to view the entire PDF Document. ... read more..


The Art at the End of War Article

What a great review of what's going on in Iraq, even if of just a small bit of that current effort. When our wars cease, at least the current ones, I hope Michael Yon keeps on writing about what i... read more..


Withdrawal Agreement

I think we tried this in Viet Nam? The Iraqi government is a joke and once again we are going to get screwed. They don't have the will to cooperate with us, each other, or anyone else. Its over.... read more..


Withdrawal of forces

Michael, Great reporting--haven't heard a word of this from the "Reliable" MSM. Wondering how the "one" will be able to take credit now that the "Impossible quagmire" has been removed from his... read more..


Withdrawal Agreement

When I hear our troops being governed by "international law", I become very nervous. I am also concerned when it seems that Iraq is controlling missions, strategy and can prosecute our soldiers and t... read more..



I tend to agree with the first commenter, but have higher hopes for the outcome. I know nothing of any of this other than what I read since I have not served in Iraq. I don't believe the Muslim world ... read more..


Withdrawal Agreement

It looks to me they want us out, forgive all their debt, assume the cost of reconstruction (what we have already done) with no requirement for reimbursement, keep all their oil and gas revenues, and h... read more..


Withdrawal Agreement

It looks to me they want us out, forgive all their debt, assume the cost of reconstruction (what we have already done) with no requirement for reimbursement, keep all their oil and gas revenues, and h... read more..


Agreement of the Parties

I don't see How does this agreement benefits the USA, it's troops or contractors? It doesn't! I think this agreement stinks and that we should renegoiate or pull out - period. No one other than ou... read more..


Joseph L. Galloway: The Times drags an honorable soldier through the mud

Published: 04 December 2008 McClatchy Newspapers This week, I'm writing in defense of an old friend, retired Army Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey, who was dragged through the mud this week in a 5,000-word ... read more..


Irregular Warfare - JOC

04 December 2008 The following document will have vast consequences for our national defence: Click here for the entire document. read more..



Afghanistan: The War Grows

Published: 08 December 2008 Zabul Province, AfghanistanWhile Americans sleep tight in their beds, this time of year U.S. soldiers sit shivering through the frigid, crystal clear nights at remote outpo... read more..


Sniff Test

Published: 09 December 2008Here is a rare and curious thing: an antique British [WB-57] bomber flying over Afghan skies. These planes flew in the 1950s and 60s, performing top of the atmosphere reconn... read more..


Dumb Signs

Published: 14 December 2008 Soldiers and their humor: living at the edge of civilization requires a highly developed sense of irony. Dumb signs all over Iraq and Afghanistan are always good for a chuc... read more..


The Clinic

In Iraq, there were always a few journalists who would see signs for humanitarian projects like this clinic, translated into to English, and would wax cynical, claiming that it was just propaganda to ... read more..


National Review Interview

National Review's Kathryn Lopez posted this interview subsequent my trip with Secretary of Defence Robert Gates: Please Click to read Interview-- Very Respectfully,Michael Yon  ... read more..


Afghan Bravery

It’s hard to say how much of this fight belongs to the Afghans, and how much is ours. It should be theirs. It won't succeed until it is their fight -- even if they need some back-up help from us. One ... read more..


Letter to Commander of Lithuanian Special Forces

I sent this letter directly to the Commander of Lithuanian Special Forces To: Aitvaras CommanderFrom: Michael YonSir,The words I wrote about Lithuanian Special Forces were meant as the highest pr... read more..


Joseph L. Galloway: Remember the empty chairs at holiday tables

MCT COLUMN 275(12/23/2004)By Joseph L. GallowayMcClatchy Newspapers Even in hard times, this is the holiday season and a time when thoughts turn to home and family and dinner tables covered with food... read more..


Mexico AAR - December 2008 General McCaffrey (Ret.)

Published: 29 December 2008   Click Here for entire document. ... read more..

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