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Thank you for this respectful and accurate story. I served as an Apache Pilot in 2004-2005 and flew over that area of Sarobi many times. The nuances of Afghanistan detailed in your report, as well as ... read more..


great job and coverge

i wish the main stream would cover your work! Great job! U are the real deal! do take care God Bless!! Aloha DA... read more..


M. Yon

Thank you for what you do. As a WWII fighter pilot who lost two cousins who were fighter pilots and who was one of 17 of 82 who were replacement P38 pilots in the 15th AF in Italy who returned I have ... read more..


No man is an island

Afghans wanting to be left alone to live their lives is understandable. I wouldn't want foreign soldiers dropping in unannounced and scaring my family. But the Taliban and local warlords are using tha... read more..


One American's Thanks

"I have been there and the story accurately depicts..." (Thank you, cddddeedd) means more to this american civilian than any spin by any mainstream so-called journalist ever could. Your posts are so v read more..


Reconnecting with you

Mike, you and I were with CFs in Baquba last Jul/Aug. We met there in a dining facility at COP Gabe while waiting for a meeting of the Baquba Guardians. We emailed back and forth a few times after t... read more..


camera time

"The date and time in his view finder was 2008/09/26 at 06:27AM. The date and time programmed into my own camera was 2008/09/26 at 10:24AM. My cameras are set to GMT. It appears that someone had ta read more..


War Correspondents

There are war correspondents and there are those who are head and shoulders above the rest. You are clearly in the latter category.... read more..


To Jamie

Jamie, It's not bias to report both sides of a story - it's journalism. I'm surprised that anyone would be so blinkered as to read this report and accuse its author of prejudice or favouring one s... read more..


Road to Hell , merci

Thank you Micael for this faithfull report , we are not used to that . Unfortunately many french politicians are mislead by journalists that are far less professionals. Just after the ambush "Paris Ma... read more..


Trackbacked / Linked

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 10/14/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front. read more..


Stay safe!

I read your writing on and then came over to your website. I must say, your work is excellent, both in content and in its audacity to cover things that others won't even think of. I am fro... read more..



The blood-stained realism of this piece is to be commended: Those Westerners who are overly interested in preserving what is, after all, a nomadic culture of questionable value to the "march of progre... read more..



Mike/Webmaster, Please consider the OPSEC ramifications regarding this dispatch and the discussion of cell phone signals as described.... read more..



Once again Michael puts himself in danger so that the rest of the world, those that care to look for the truth, can sit in the comfort of their homes to read it. Thank you Michael. As a long time r... read more..



I have been following Michael's articles and postings for two years now. I agree with the comments made here about the nature of modern journalism. Michael's work represents real journalism. Most of w... read more..



I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public. "Mr. Yon- At last I thought I would put something together for you and you’re people to read." Jamie, Mike's people are... read more..


Jamie - I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public.

"Mr. Yon- At last I thought I would put something together for you and you’re people to read." Jamie, Mike's people are smart enough to smell a liar, a fool, and idiot when he makes his presence k read more..


Re: rifles

Martini-Henrys are the lever-actioned guns. The musket-ish one looks like a Snider rifle. Both 1800s English rifles. The Afghans seem to be packrats - clearly a male-dominated society.... read more..



On side one: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΝ (on the left) ΜΕΓΑΛΟΥ (on top) - Kings (of) Great It's Greek.... read more..


Your Travels

Super interesting article. I flew over the area of where the French were ambushed with an American General. I won't tell you his comments but clearly the insurgents are learning new tactics. Radio ... read more..


Not what I expected

These are not jihadi fanatics. They are not Afghan patriots. They are seeking justice for themselves and their families and village. That is a great reason for hope - if they are representative of ... read more..


Your question about the rifles in the pctures from Afghanistan

They look like Martini-Henry and Martini-Enfield British Army issue. Circa 1871-1895.... read more..


Error, erros and more mistake

Mr Yon, you had a secret report of the battle, why didn't you publish it on your blog? Oups, did it really exist? Did you read the interview of the french soldiers engaged and wounded in the french... read more..



Michael, I am and have always been extremely impressed with you and your dispatches. When our situation improves, I'll continue again my support of your mission Douglas former 11b2vw7... read more..


Jurassic Trailer Park

Road from Kabul to Jalalabad20 October 2008 Afghanistan is like time traveling.  Vast expanses of rugged landscape, mostly unadorned by man-made structures, all framed by stories of savagery and... read more..


Beautiful Images

A very great post. Wonderful images of the children. Very sad that they deserve to live and enjoy life but they've been dealt a different card. Thanks for being there.... read more..


What are on their arms?

Michael - another top-notch dispatch. Keep up the good work! What are Tim and Shem wearing on their arms? You can see it in the pictures captioned "The Village" and "To the bat cave." Just curio... read more..


Jurassic Trailer Park

Thank you for, once again, putting a very human face on those who hope for a better life. The portraits, both written and photographic, are stunning.... read more..



While the kids are all Afghans, it is interesting to see the differences in their features. Your comments about them reflecting earlier conquerers seems to me to be spot on.... read more..

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