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Be careful Mike

Thanks and be careful. We all know how important the truth is going to be in the next 5 months.... read more..


General Lee

When this is over the General Lee needs to be in a museum like Memphis Belle is to serve as a center point for the story of these Stryker teams.... read more..


Fallen Heroes

Dear Mike, Condolences on the loss of Spc Michael Leimbach. As you've described him he's a real hero. Your loss is our loss and my thoughts and sentiments are with his family. You will know too... read more..


Well Done!

I would recommend this book to EVERY American; you describe the events in Iraq in an eye-opening way. God bless your efforts and keep you safe!... read more..


Inviting Senators To Iraq

Pelosi and Reid should be ordered to go with you, by the president, wouldn't that be a HOOT! Osama Obama (Ted Kennedy's words, not mine) is still saying he will withdraw all troops from Iraq and ... read more..


Thought you should know

Michael, I've frequented your blog over the past couple months and come to appreciate your take on the war. The window you've given to the world is such an awesome gift. Thanks you for your servic... read more..


Is your father Colonel Yon?

Is your father Colonel Yon? If so I worked with him at the Pentagon cir. 1984, and would like to know how he is doing. Many thanks, Wayne Houser Station Manager Quesada Relay Station San Carlo... read more..


Open offer to Senators

Mercy, I would sure take you up on your offer, if I was able. That would be an educational and enlightening experience, not only to see the culture, but also to talk with our warriors and others ... read more..


Thanks for all you have done

Your thoroughly professional, unbiased reporting from Iraq, as well the efforts of other true journalists like Bill Roggio, have been invaluable in helping to get the TRUE story out about what has rea... read more..


I'll go!

"Final update: no Senators have taken me up on the offer to act as a tour guide in Iraq, but the offer stands." Ha! The woosies. How about readers? I'll go! read more..


Thank you

Michael , Look forward to more are the very best! God Bless and Be safe.... read more..


Moment of Truth

I've bought two copies and gave one to my son who had been pretty down on the war - he lapped it up. The second will go to a young Aussie soldier here in OZ. According to an ABC poll "83 percent of De... read more..



And pass on our heartfelt thanks to those servicemen you meet in the field.... read more..


minor details

Sure appreciate your fine reporting and writing! Moment of Truth in Iraq was excellent; I'll spread it around and give it away to others. I notice posts on your website no longer have date stamps ... read more..


Your Work Is Remarkable

Mr Yon, I think your reporting is of greater value than any of us can imagine. I have purchased seven copies of your book and kept one for myself - autographed of course. Anyway, I gave away six c... read more..



GOD bless you and your work. And thank you.... read more..


Great job!! Looking forward to next book!

Hi Mike-I had the pleasure of conducting a radio interview with you a couple of years ago and have been a regular reader of your blog. I orderd Moment of Truth after getting an e-mail in March-receiv... read more..



Michael: I bought your book and I'm looking forward to reading it on a long flight Friday night to Santiago, Chile from Dallas. Nine hours, they tell me. I am another of the people back home who a... read more..


"Moment of Truth"

I have been reading your dispatches for sometime now and just received "moment of truth". Got it, read it and gotta get more. I did order the "Townhall" and plan on passing it on as well as your boo... read more..


Safe journey

Good luck and God Bless Michael.... read more..


moment of truth

Dear Michael: Just finished your book. left me speechless. Thank you for this. I wish I had some more eloquent way to express myself, but at the moment, I cannot. Safe travels... read more..


RE: Your book and politics

Doc, It is quite possible that you may be right that the Dems will turn their back on Iraq if they win the election, but keep in mind that with responsibility their tune may change. Whoever the ... read more..


Yon for Pulitzer!

I've never been grateful for journalists until reading your book, and I'm only halfway through it! I don't know what criteria is considered in awarding the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism, but you'd hav... read more..



Interesting. Now that he has removed the image, I wonder if Mr. Moore has been able to find a suitable replacement. I mean, over the last five years have there been many other photos of casualties in ... read more..


Moment of Truth In Iraq

Michael, I just picked up my eagerly awaiting copy of your book. I have been following your dispatches for some time now and would like to thank you for the work that you are doing in bringing the ... read more..



I am an Army Mom, my son has been in Baghdad since Oct 08 (1st tour), my nephew (3rd tour) since Oct 08, and daughter-in-law (1st tour) are all in Baghdad, a future son-in-law (Marines) deploying in S... read more..


Most deserved pride

The pride that I feel as an American is amplified every time I read your work, whether it is a dispatch or your book. There are some truly amazing souls in Iraq, American, Coalition and Iraqi, citize... read more..


Privacy Policy

At, your privacy is our priority. We are committed to protecting your privacy at all times, in all situations. The information we collect about you when you become a member is us... read more..



Conditions of Use Terms and Conditions of Use AgreementPLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS SITE. We maintain this web site as a service to our customers, and by usi... read more..


Fair winds, following seas

Reading your book now, and it's amazing. Thanks for all you do. Stay safe downrange.... read more..

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