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listen to our ground commanders?

"listen to our ground commanders" ? I don't think so. One of the major hurdles to this idea is that there is a significant majority of the body politic that are ironically, antiestablishment. Their vi read more..



'The difference between John McCain and Jim Webb is that Senator McCain respects our military and appreciates them, Senator Webb feels sorry for them.' You are an idiot for this statement, as you do read more..


You're speaking truth!

Great challenge to our politicians. You are blunt and right on the money. Thank you, Michael, you are what a real reporter should be!... read more..


Re: How to stop a war

I went to a Vietnamese wedding last weekend. There were many people there that could testify that the Vietnam War didnt end when U.S. troops left. The American leftwing support for the North Vietn... read more..


Take some bloggers

You should offer to take Andrew Sullivan or some other 'anti-war' bloggers who have yet to set foot in Iraq.... read more..


' absolute truth!' ?

I think I understand what Ken E is saying. And I'll use the mistakes made during the Bremer 'ViceRoy-ship' as the point made. The withdrawal into a bunker mentality, during a time when we shou... read more..


Just one writer on base

I have been reading Yon for years and he is the only blogger that I felt compelled to donate money to. Why? Because he puts a brain on the sense that is connected to a set of open eyes. Many may disco... read more..


Enemy of the good.

#26, #35. Huntress, pettyfog; It's not philosophy, it's tactics. A standard ploy of the left is to hold up some arbitrary absolute ideal, observe you're not meeting it, and deny you any right to act read more..


Senatorial offer

If Obama wants to 'man up' on Iraq, he'd take you up on this one. Of course, he would risk getting a bunch of fantasies shattered; after all, this guy voted to defund the troops in the field. McCa... read more..



A few Republicans might, but probably no DemocRats will (except for Lieberman). It's far easier to stay in the US and complain, than it is to actually go see. Then they'd have to admit the truth. W... read more..


no reconstruction plan

This is a good idea. I hope you get some takers on your offer. Tangentially though, I wish you'd remove the phrase stating that we had "no reconstruction plan". Of course we did - spend $15 billi... read more..


David Leimbach request from Dawn

Michael, In case you hadn't contacted Dawn, I leave this note for her. Dear Lady, my sincere condolences on your great loss of one of our bravest. If you go to the top of this page and look to t... read more..


Good points, but....

Michael, I disagree on just a couple of points: The intelligence was NOT shoddy. Sadaam Hussein was a WMD-wielding, terrorist supporting, megalomaniac. He was just one of the threats to U.S. forces... read more..


offer to senators

No senator will take you up on your offer. The war became a means to an end for one party to dislodge another from power. No need to interject facts into the argument. Part of Europe (Germany, Fr... read more..


Re: Complete Lunacy

Galloway complains about propaganda and then produces this trash? Then his sycophants come and deride everyone who disagrees with them and is not in the service as unworthy? This is truly Orwell... read more..


open offer

ill go if they won't... read more..


A Sycophant

Well, that's a new one I can add to my list of monikers! I trust, then, that it may assumed that "New Freedom" completed college on daddy's dime, as I'm pretty sure that such an effete attempt at a p... read more..



Oops! My bad for misquoting you - you actually called Galloway's article trash rather than propaganda, didn't you? Well, I guess your intent really was clear then, eh? Is this representative of you... read more..


David Leimbach

Michael, Once again I am impressed by your writing. I currently am serving as a new Lieutenant in Spc. Leimbach's company in SC. I wasn't able to deploy with the company this time as I was still finis... read more..


Only one problem

My only issue with this book is that it was way too short. I read it too fast and you haven't writin anything new lately on your website. I'm going through withdrawels here. Need more.... read more..


Thank You

Michael, Your last sentence, "What are we going to do?" is why I offered my copy to any of my buddies who can put emotion and belief aside and apply some critical thinking to your accounts. This pe... read more..


I think that you speak for more people than you realize.

I am in the middle of a project presently to raise the awareness for the need to increase the support for our troops and improved treatment of our veterans. I am sorry that I did not know of your sit... read more..


Iraq Vet

I just wanted to thank the doorkickers for what you do. I was in Ramadi when Mark Lee died. Too many politicos, not enough soldiers (marines, seals, etc.) The sacrifice of the few for the land of he "... read more..


Return to Action

Some updates: I have left the United States and am heading back to the war. Heavy promotion of Moment of Truth in Iraq is over. I conducted approximately 100 radio, television, magazine and newspa... read more..


Military working dog receives Army Achievement Medal

Military working dog receives Army Achievement Medal Multinational Division – North PAO MOSUL, Iraq — On his last day of duty at Forward Operating Base Marez, Sgt.1st Class Zzarr seemed excited wi... read more..


Good News

Well good news the book did well so far. I read most of it on the flight back to the states but never got to finish it yet. My girl friend kept it and is reading it so she can have a better understand... read more..


Re: Mini Pad Sycophants

Your petty attacks dont even make any sense and you assume to know more about me than you really do because of your prejudices. Yes, this article is propaganda. President Bush warned Congress no... read more..


Thank you...

...for all you do Michael. Stay safe. We look forward to more of your writing. read more..


Safe Journey

Be safe Mike and bring back some honest news, we're in sore need of some. Thank you for being you!... read more..


Sparing a thought for the Brits

Thank you Michael for thinking of the brits. You are right, 1,000 Strykers would be damn useful. The Brits right now are in a hole. The brilliant men on the ground are being burned by Politicians ... read more..

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