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Great Book!

I just received my copy in the mail last night. I couldn't put it down. Fantastic job.... read more..


Update on Moment of Truth in Iraq

We have sold all 5,200 signed copies of my new book Moment of Truth in Iraq, but I am making a special trip very soon to the printer to sign 2,000 more. I apologize for the slight delay in shipping. O... read more..


To bring peace to the Afghans, talk to the Taleban

Planes, Trains, Armored Trucks, and AfghanistanInstead of “planes, trains, and automobiles,” my trip from western Nineveh to Mosul, to Erbil, to Vienna, to Stuttgart, to Atlanta, to El Paso, and then ... read more..


New York Post - Expert Witness

"LTC Kurilla began running in the direction of the shooting. He passed by me, and I chased, Kurilla leading the way. There was a quick and heavy volume of fire. And then LTC Kurilla was shot. Kurilla read more..


"Moment of Truth in Iraq" at Barnes and Noble

Moment of Truth in Iraq is on sale at for a very discounted price. We are not sure how long they will be offering the discount but we want as many readers as possible to know ab... read more..


Great Discounts on Bulk Orders of Moment of Truth in Iraq

We get many requests about bulk sales from people who wish to distribute copies of the book to illustrate the important work our troops are doing in Iraq. One person bought 600 copies.My publisher is ... read more..


Barnes & Noble

On Saturday I signed an additional 2000 books with 1600 left. The backorders for signatured books began shipping on the same day.The publisher is going into the 2nd printing.Moment of Truth in Iraq is... read more..


Great Article

Wow, awesome photos and words... read more..


Great Read!

Just received Moment of Truth in Iraq... Read the first 5 chapters and love it so far. Thank you for putting your own life in danger to bring us the real story. The stories of the individual sold... read more..


Have missed you

I have missed your writing and email updates. Received the post card and finally checked in. Will certainly be purchasing your new book in support of all your hard work. Be safe. Keep your helmet o... read more..


Civil War?

Micheal, I have bought, read & enjoyed your book immensely. Thanks you for writing it & going through what you did to be able to write it. I was wondering if you are still convinced that there was ... read more..


Book Format

Is there any plan to make this book available for the Amazon Kindle? If so, I'll be the first to buy it. Regards.... read more..


You are the revisionist, Terry001

Please see the following link from the New York Times: It was written by B. DRUMMOND AYRES JR., Published: Augus... read more..



Michael, My wife surprised me 10 minutes ago while I was working under the kitchen sink by presenting me with a signed copy of your book. I am going to relish this read as I have been an avid visit... read more..


Outstanding read

Every American, especially the politicians, needs to read this book. Michael, thank you for your work and for putting together such important information in Moment of Truth in Iraq. I've told everyo... read more..


More bullshit from the terrorist and invader pig Yon

More bullshit propoganda from the Zionist troll called Yon. People still lapping up this terrorists bullshit and lies.... read more..



Ollie, Where is your story? What do you know about anything? You use such big words for an 11 year old punk. Michael Yon writes from an eye witness perspective. He knows about what he writes. You on ... read more..



Some folks have asked if I plan to do book signings in stores. None are planned because I need to take care of business here before heading back to the war, but I have been making dozens of media appe... read more..


Reinstilling Belief

I ordered two copies of your book--one to read, the other for my collection. My husband is a Marine who has been to Iraq three times and will be going again early 2009. I have gotten very frustrate... read more..


To Grateful

Grateful, How many new mass graves are getting uncovered right now? How many people have died so far in this war? 1 Million? 2 Million? 6 Million? When does it become a holocaust for you? I... read more..


Moment of Truth in Iraq Book

I purchased two (2) of these books, one for my son who is Navy Spec Ops and one for myself. Michaels honest assessment of what is happening has been relayed to me over and over again by my son and my... read more..


Canine care packages: Dog lovers send goodies to military working dogs

Multi-National Division – North PAOBy Master Sgt. Tim Volkert, 3d ACR Public Affairs OfficeMOSUL, Iraq – Mail call around Forward Operating Base Marez in Iraq has been going to the dogs recently.&nbsp... read more..


Moment of Truth in Iraq

WOW!!!!!!!! You nail it on the head with every word. Your insight, accurate and absoulte truth are refreshing and vastly appreciated to say the least. Having served 2 tours in Vietnam and seeing what ... read more..



we will have to agree to disagree. I will not engage in a battle of wits with unarmed people.... read more..


moment of truth

I have been following the surge through a friend who is on his second tour. While he is not a great correspondent, his chaplain writes an incredible blog ( ) and his bri... read more..



I ordered "Moment of Truth in Iraq" last week, and received it in record time. The book is a fabulous and well written read. When I read the story of Farah, I cried and I was angry. Why have the major... read more..



All I wanted was the truth about things in Iraq. I finished your book in two nights. It will influence my vote. I have to say I cried a dozen times, knowing the reality of all this. I say we start... read more..


Micheal Moore is using your photos I get tired of his lack of knowledge and half truths....It's up there...I doubt you gave permission for him.... read more..


Some of the top posts here....

If Mike was reporting BS, the troops would bounce him out on his ear so fast it WOULD BE reported by the MSM to further their wacked-out agenda.... read more..


To Ollie

You're so called freedom fighters seem to have killed more Iraqi citizens than the Americans in Iraq. If those freedom fighters were in my country I'd have the sense to tell them to get the hell out.... read more..

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