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December 2008
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The Clinic

In Iraq, there were always a few journalists who would see signs for humanitarian projects like this clinic, translated into to English, and would wax cynical, claiming that it was just propaganda to ... read more..


National Review Interview

National Review's Kathryn Lopez posted this interview subsequent my trip with Secretary of Defence Robert Gates: Please Click to read Interview-- Very Respectfully,Michael Yon  ... read more..


Afghan Bravery

It’s hard to say how much of this fight belongs to the Afghans, and how much is ours. It should be theirs. It won't succeed until it is their fight -- even if they need some back-up help from us. One ... read more..


Letter to Commander of Lithuanian Special Forces

I sent this letter directly to the Commander of Lithuanian Special Forces To: Aitvaras CommanderFrom: Michael YonSir,The words I wrote about Lithuanian Special Forces were meant as the highest pr... read more..


Joseph L. Galloway: Remember the empty chairs at holiday tables

MCT COLUMN 275(12/23/2004)By Joseph L. GallowayMcClatchy Newspapers Even in hard times, this is the holiday season and a time when thoughts turn to home and family and dinner tables covered with food... read more..


Mexico AAR - December 2008 General McCaffrey (Ret.)

Published: 29 December 2008   Click Here for entire document. ... read more..

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