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November 2008
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Minority Reports

Thanks so much for sharing this great story out of Iraq. It's difficult to get concrete, accurate stories via the mainstream media. It's good to hear about the good, noble women and men working in Ira... read more..


NATO units

I know that many of the NATO units in Afganistan are not pulling their weight, but from everyting i read and hear from danish units in Helmand, they are fighting pretty hard, and are taking casualties... read more..


Happy Thanksgiving

24 November 2008 Michael called by satellite phone.  He is in a remote area of Afghanistan with US and Afghan forces.  Michael reports that his satellite internet gear is non-functional.  He has no ac... read more..


Down with Barriers, Up with Iraq

25 November 2008 On November 13th I covered a mission in south Baghdad with soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division.  General Petraeus once told me during the height of the fighting, back when violenc... read more..


ditto that

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. (And all of Michael Yon's supporters).... read more..



Michael; Just curious; have you ever run into Michael Totten on any of your trips to Iraq? He is there now. I read both of you reports all the time; they are a few of the only accurate reporting we ... read more..


Peace and Thanksgiving

There has not been any journalist for any paper who has given us the reports from where the action is as those of Michael Yon. There have not been any of the media, either newspaper or TV or radio, w... read more..


Change in definition of success in Iraq

I find it strange that we now consider Victory in Iraq the redaction of AQI. The test of success will only come a few years after we have exited. Some may feel that the religious apartheid was the r... read more..


Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of our Service Members

Dear Michael, It's been awhile sense I've posted,Just wanted to say there is not a day that goes bye that you and all of our Service Members are not in my heartfelt thoughts and prayers. My Blessings... read more..



Hooray for Iraq! Saddam is gone. It could not have been done without the US and its alllies. Long live a democratic Iraq. Thank you, Michael, for your work. Thank you, America and othe... read more..



So, the violence is falling. Great. But is this the calm before the storm? Are things actually better in any meaningful way, or is everyone just waiting till the US leaves before round #2? Or will eve... read more..


Marie Claude Ref 40

Marie Claude When you said you were French I thought you meant you were from the France on Plant Earth, not the France on Plant Zeta Reticular Prime. Have you got anything sensible to say, what... read more..



Dear Mr. Yon, While this may be beyond your purview as a correspondent, I hope you may be able to answer one question. How do the people there really feel as to our overthrowing Hussein?... read more..


Happy Thanksgiving

I Hope that everyone could have a wonderful and great thanksgiving this year. Starting to get cold too! Share and Discuss Even More Military Information... read more..



It's really great to hear of continuing successes in Iraq...thank you for all you do to bring us the news Michael. Happy Thanksgiving, and stay safe!... read more..


Happy Thanksgiving

Michael, Happy Thanksgiving over there. We are thinking of you, and all the brave soldiers and marines. As we gather to celebrate, we offer up a prayer, and thanks to our best and bravest. Thank yo... read more..


happy thanksgiving

Michael, happy thanksgiving to you. You are an unsung hero. You have done your part in serving our country. You have given hope to many of us about our role in this battle. Semper Fi! Yours, Pe... read more..


10th SFGA

Mike, I just wanted to say hi and keep up the good work. I served with you at 10th Group in Ft. Devens and Bad Tolz. I posted some old pictures on my page of the Army Together We Served website, you m... read more..


good job

thanks for all your updates. somehow we get to read of guys we have worked together with in southern philippines.... read more..


Moment of Truth in Iraq

I just finished the book, and I firmly believe it should be required reading for high school classrooms. I'm recommending it to friends who have similar views, but more importantly to people who have... read more..


Happy thanksgiving

God bless you, your friends, and your allies. I thank Him for sending you to give unwavering support to our troops. Thank you, A soldier's mom... read more..


Love the lines...

The canary in the mineshaft survived. It is starting to chirp and it is just a matter of time before it begins to sing. Great writing. Hope to see a link from Fox News soon proclaiming the war is... read more..


Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael, Just to let you know they're some out here thinking of you, Thank you for shedding light on our men and women's bravery in Iraq and Afghanistan. Please pass on our thanks to all our men ... read more..


To say "thank you" isn't enough

I'm graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science in May. I'm also getting married in May. In June, I leave for BCT and OCS for (hopefully) MI in the U.S. Army. In two days I'll be driving 900 miles t... read more..


Your book

Michael, Picked up a copy of your book the other day. I know events on the ground are fluid. So before I start reading, I wanted to know if there's been anything that's happen since publication to ... read more..

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