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Great Article and Shots

Michael, Thank you for another great article that gives us readers a real look into whats going on over there. Keep up the great work... read more..



Tim , Although I 've never been to your side of the globe I have traveled quite a bit South of my home Texas.In Mexico what occured is known as the "bite" Had ocassion to be involved in a minor acci... read more..


really hope you can take a break and read this what a good guy, really have to give it up for him. keep it up, youre doing good work too-tl... read more..


For Background on a recent dispatch "Road To Hell" by Mike & for more on Tim

Please read: Talking With The AOG. "We were asked by a journalist if we could set up an interview for a story he’s working on. " Check out the ph... read more..


For the Back Story on this piece & Tim & Shem Check out the photo of the backside of journalist :>) For more from Tim, please read "Shakedown" Then go check out their blog. They are doing some... read more..


Heart and Minds

"A major problem with the stability operations part of our campaign in Afghanistan is that the local people do not think we are serious. The local people are the prize here – everything we are doing read more..


French Pain

Dear Michael, Thanks for a totally absorbing article. I am dissapointed by the petty criticism from your French readers. The death of those brave soldiers is painful to us all but we must learn wha... read more..


Happy Ending

Published: 19 November 2008 Between 2007 and 2008, I got to know a man in South Baghdad whose codename was “Bishop.”  This is the short story of his life.His parents were Kurdish Sunnis.  They moved t... read more..


Welcome Bashar

Ah... a wonderful saga and hats off to LTC Crider for not giving up. Welcome to America, Bashar! You'll find us a nation of immigrants --mine came over in the 1900's to escape the overriding poverty ... read more..


We can never thank you enough

Bashar: You have never met me, and most likely you never will. But I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the loyal and courageous service you have performed on behalf of the United States and yo... read more..



Great story! I hope Mr. Ameen and his family find peace and prosperity in the US. I sent him a short welcoming email and hopefully someone will keep us updated on his progress.... read more..


Welcome Bashar

Michael, thank you so much for letting us know about Bashar and his family. I read your article on Pajamas Media yesterday, and immediately sent an email to him thanking him for helping the US, and fo... read more..



This article should be sent to the NY and LA Times. I am sure they would love to get this positive story out to the nation.... read more..


Bless the Beasts and Children, Part 1

I pray to God that everyone in America who thinks we never should have went into Iraq could see this story. May God have mercy on those who turn a blind eye to this treachery.... read more..



E-mail sent, family welcomed. I hope they make a good life here.... read more..


Thank you for this wonderful account.

God bless you, your friends and your allies. A Soldier's Mom... read more..


Welcome to America

This article made my day, my week and my year. Welcome to America and blessings to you and your family. Jeff Plano, Texas... read more..


True American Patriots

Bashar Welcome to America. I hope your dreams come true! Michael Your stories sustain me. Thank you! LTC Crider I have a soldier son in training right now. I have peace like a river knowing t... read more..



Michael... You have to get Pat to have him on his show!! I would love to hear this man's amazing story in his own words. This is the reason my son went to fight.. this man and all the other Iraqis lik... read more..


Bless the Beasts and Children, Part 1

I do not think that America should have ever went to Iraq and still feel the same way after reading this story. I also do not think that Al Qaeda would be in Iraq if we had never initiated military... read more..


Welcome to the Force Bashar

Thanks for protecting our sons with the 1-4 and may the blessings of Freedom and Peace be with you always.... read more..


Moment of Truth

Long ago I was chaplain for 2-16 IN when 1LT Mark Bieger talked with me about his concern for the demands the Army was placing upon him and his family life. I remember encouraging him to think it thro... read more..



I do not live in the US, nor am I an American. I work with immigrants in my country, and lately there have been many Iraqi's coming here, since the start of the war. I have met people who has had ... read more..


My husband's

I am so happy to read this article! My husband was in this troop/unit/whateveritis (yeah, i don't know the military lingo haha) with LTC Crider (1-4 CAV). I was so happy to have him come back home t... read more..


A job for Bashar

I have forwarded this story on to about 500 former military officers, many of whom still work in corporate America. I am hopeful one of them picks up on this and lends a hand.... read more..


@the Brit

um, the Brits, medias and elites, had/have the skills to arrange the history facts at their best, thus a legend in their honnor actually we can see how they manage with their communoties, shariah... read more..


BISHOP- A Happy Ending - this is an excerpt from an email I sent to Bashar and his family today. TY!

Hello Dear Bashar, Alyaa and Mustafa, I am the wife of one who has been working to rebuild Iraq for four years. He is still there and he is responsible for sending me the article that tells p... read more..


excerpt from an email I sent directly to bashar and family. TY Micheal !

We wish you and your family the best of everything – but most especially the love that keeps you together! It is the only thing that helps my husband and I survive through everything we have gone thro... read more..


dumb americans

I realy get tired of people being critical of the excelent work being done by our soldiers from the comfort of their computer chairs. Aside from the grafic reports from Michael I suuggest critics lis... read more..



Having just returned from a stint leading a team in charge of "mentoring" the Afghan National Police (9 districts in 10 months), I can only say that you hit the nail right on the head. NATO countries... read more..

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