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History of Michael Yon

Michael Yon is an American author, independent reporter, and blogger. He has been embedded on numerous occasions with American and British troops in Iraq, most prominently with the 1st Battalion, 24th... read more..


Just a small piece...

The Bill Gurley story is just a small piece of what is a very good book. Thanks Michael for the book, the pictures, and the dispatches. Keep up the good work.... read more..


Post US election

Hey, Michael: You occasionally run a copy of Joe Galloway's columns from the McClatchy papers here in your online magazine. He has a good one up today. You might consider running it. http://... read more..



"Many esteemed and influential people have been privately debating the question: “Is it Possible to Win the U.S. Presidency by Fraud and Deception?” We already know the answer, don’t we?" We have read more..



Just wanted to drop a line.

You stated above that comments from readers have kept you going through the last months and years, and I would like to hopefully add to that. First off, I would like to say that I truly appreciate yo... read more..


How to Contact Us

Mailing Address: Michael Yon, LLCP.O. Box 2825Winter Haven, Fl. 33883 For general inquires you can contact the email address below: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need ... read more..


In Time of War

10 November 2008The Iraq war is over.  Barring the unforeseen, the darkest days are behind, though we are still losing soldiers to low-level fighting with enemies that are true “dead-enders.”  Last mo read more..


Trackback / Linked

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 11/10/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front. read more..


good luck

My son is in tarmiyah with the 25th ID SBCT so God speed to you and all your reporting. It is a breath of fresh air to hear the truth from someone regardless of how saddening it is. My prayers will b... read more..


God Speed!

Michael, Please during you unusual day take time to Honor yourself! This is Veterans' Day here in the States. We are so very grateful for your dutiful allegiance to the Missions there, where this Na... read more..


God Speed!

Michael, Please during you unusual day take time to Honor yourself! This is Veterans' Day here in the States. We are so very grateful for your dutiful allegiance to the Missions there, where this Na... read more..


A Nation's Thanks

Michael, Ms. Finn's powerfully eloquent words say it all. America's warriors honor us all with their service. As you have expressed, they are America's elite. Paul S.... read more..


Thanks to all our guys - plugging away; many with little sleep and few comforts

Thanks to all our veterans! Especially to all those risking life and limb on distant shores, serving a nation at war. Thanks to all those doing the monotonous, under-appreciated support work that i... read more..



I tend to doubt that obama will actually add anything of value to the war effort, I imagine he will be looking for the first opportunity to bail. Probably do a Vietnam style retreat, cut off all fund... read more..


No Escape

To be sure, the new president has his work cut out for him. Hopefully he is exposed to news like yours which includes good, relevent information about one of his biggest challenges. Thanks for your ... read more..


Your soliders...

That last line stuck with me all day and whenever it came to mine (often) i prayed for you all...and our soldiers. Thank you for personalizing that sentence. Yes, 'they' are OURS...MINE and i take g... read more..


On the Ground/Through the windshield

Micheal, Would like to first say Happy veterans day to all our veterans! I have enjoyed your website for several years now. This is some of the most honest and accurate reporting I have seen. Plus ... read more..


God bless you, your friends and your allies

You are all in my prayers everyday. May God grant you all swift merciful charitable honorable obvious victory in every battle in which you engage - victory which will bring justice and peace founde... read more..


Jagged puzzle pieces

If one attempts the thankless task of fitting together the comments, promises, policies, edicts-in-waiting, musings and other bumphograms issued by the previous Office-of-the-Presumptive-President-Ele... read more..


Related link

I note that Sean Jones' assessment of Afghan and Pastun character is largely complimented by this article in the Telegraph (excerpt): "One of the abiding challenges faced by coalition forces in Afg... read more..



Taken with a grain of salt Mr. Yon. Appreciate all you do, even bought your book, but there is no declared war in Iraq, and so there will be no 'end'. Not really sure what the US defines as the 'end... read more..


Thank you and Good luck.

Just wanted to thank you for your honest updates, I look forward to them. My 61 year old father leaves for Afghanistan tomorrow. He's a doctor that recently joined the Army to make a difference. It... read more..


Thank you for your coverage.

Michael, Thank you for your continued dedication to bringing those interested your perspective. It's truly important to hear more of the first hand accounts than depending on traditional media who ... read more..



Dear Michael First of all thank you for your brilliant work and devotion. I have a question about the NATO-Forces. From a purely economic point of view, I see a force of non-fighting troops in a... read more..


Fraud and Deception by Obama? Give me a break

Obama won by a landslide in this election. If McCain won by 365-173, the map would look like this: [Note from Web Master: Hyperlink removed] Even if Obama lied, McCain and Cronies lied much much ... read more..



thanks all admin... read more..



thanks all admin very good sits thank you somtimes visit at sites is think about very ver good... read more..



afganistan irak iran sirada kşm var... read more..



By Tim Lynch Printed with permission from: Afghanistan We had to make a run to Kabul last Friday to take some clients to the airport and to pick up new... read more..

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