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Thanks for the Reminder

Thanks for the reminder about what we have in America. I'm taking a class about blogging as a social force, and our latest assignment was to discuss the situation in Myanmar. I was pleased that most o... read more..


The Bow-out Bravo

Huzzah! Can't take the swill when it's dished back at yah, m'boyo? Yanks don't yap-and-blather when the world is blowing up around them, 'ole boy .... they act! Your Euro-weenie/Brit or Au... read more..


Not sure

Michael, I've appreciated, applauded, circulated and even contributed what I could to support your mission, but I'm not sure about your comment that "[n]o matter who is elected, America will remain tr... read more..


Is it a full moon?

Apparently when a black Kenyan and a white American have a child it's born a white Arab. I've learned something. o_O... read more..



WTF what are you talking about ? your deep thoughts, I suppose all shaped through MSM clichés The french soldiers are supported by their population, not by the lefties medias, but it's the same in ... read more..


HoHum You Do Indeed Need Somre Larnin' read more..


from an informed soldier

Im an infantryman in the U.S. Army, and i did (and still am) a lot of research about things like this: Yes, Obama's dad was a muslim, but he was a Kenyan. Kenya is not an arab country. Its not the ... read more..



"Also: Afganistan, Iran, and the other Persian nations are not Arabs? " replace the "?" with a "." read more..



We are proud of you in Winter Haven. It's a great place, in a great country, and we are glad you are speaking truth. Thanks!... read more..


Only fooling, Baloney!

We are amused to see how so many Americans are so impervious to the subtleties of irony. One presumes Mr Baloney is an American and, judging by his name and fiery temper, one of Irish extraction. O... read more..


Oh, and I forgot ... about the USA and Afghanistan

Luckily Mr Baloney’s evident present state of mind represents what hopefully appears to be a dying breed. As one of my US Navy Seal friends told me recently (he’s done 3 tours in Iraq and his patrioti... read more..


Seans a British Journo? No surprise there mate.

Sean Jones is funny. It’s remarkable that he is trying to equate the disastrous Soviet and British Empire failures in Afghanistan with the success of the United States. The situation in Afghanistan ... read more..


Yanks Suck?

I might add to this, " (the one exception is the London Times that honestly described how the pathetic civilian labor leadership and their toady generals almost lost Basra despite the bravery of th... read more..


Dear Anonymous Brit in Colorado

What makes you think I’m a journo? I take it as a compliment! Thanks. Actually, I’m just an accountant (retired). But wait! Are you seriously calling them “democracies”? Both countries are under mi... read more..


End this war (by winning it).

“What makes you think I’m a journo? I take it as a compliment!” Don’t take it as a compliment! You did admit to be filming in Afghanistan for an Australian TV station, was that a fib? ”Are you s... read more..


Anonymous's answer

Oh yeah, A Nony Mouse, you refer to my "insulting comments" but say nothing about Mr Baloney's poisonous, pure and unadulterated invective and personal abuse, which he has honed to a remarkable degree... read more..


Liberation not occupation

Regarding the first two thirds of your post: Errrrr, what? Do you have a point? "Your support of so-called Iraqi democracy and Afghan democracy belies the facts which are obvious to all. If it wer... read more..


"it is a good thing to burn down the capitol and kill the King every now and then.”

Yes. If Michael's interview with "resistance" fighters didn't convince me, this conversation surely did: Democracy is the wrong form of government for Afghanistan. These people need a king. ... read more..



Michael, I have loved your site ever since I found it a year ago. I especially liked this article - the writing and photography are inspiring.... read more..


Good idea, Solomon2

I totally agree, Solomon2, and I think most Afghans would also agree with your suggestion. It is the first post here I have seen for a while that shows some intelligent and constructive ideas. I was b... read more..


Thank You

Excellent Post Michael. I appreciate your journalistic talents. You inspire the rest of us lackers.... read more..


Responses for Brit in Colorado's challenges posted 23/10 17:49

Colorado Britle poses the following questions and I’m happy to respond, since with challenges comes progress and I´m a big fan of transparency, accountability and openness. “Regarding the first two... read more..


Michael's meetings near Sarobi

At Solomon2's prompting I've read Michaels' account of meeting the "Taleban" near Sarobi, which I know well. It is very revealing. That area has always been under Engineer Gulbuddeen, known to Afgh... read more..


Living history

I remember early on in Afghanistan that someone from flew into the country to start purchasing jewelry and other local goods for sale on the world market. She went in with a briefcase a... read more..


Stupid Wogs

Sean, if you can not see that the Liberation of Iraq and the birth of its democracy prove the neocons correct (as does the destruction of the oppressive Taliban) you are blind. What has been thrown i... read more..


Are You Connected?

Published: 26 October 2008  In a war where information can be more powerful than massed forces, the cellphone is a weapon.  Insurgents the world over use cellphones to transmit messages, record photos... read more..



Not kings of Castile, but of Aragon. Here is the Oath of Loyalty taken by their subjects: "We, who are as good as you, swear to you, who are not better than we, to accept you as our king and sover... read more..


Moment of Truth

Hello Michael, from the books so far that I have read regarding the Irak and Afghanistan regions, your book has given me hope. Your book is on my mind all of the time. Every friend who returns from... read more..


Liberated my ass

Brit, you’re right, I’m totally blind. If you call Iraq “liberated” when, even after 5 years of military occupation and maybe a million people dead, you have to bring in a “surge” of an extra 30,000 t... read more..


Obama and socialism

Michael, “Barack Obama is elected, he’s not going to turn the U.S. into a socialist state (at least I don’t think he will) “ Socialism is more than controlling the peoples “social welfare” from... read more..

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