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Kids in Afghanistan

They are great pictures and show the real afghan kids living in villages. Afghan kids entertain themselves with nothing, they are so innocents and they do not have toys to play with, but they create t... read more..



Great photos. Beautiful people, wonderful country. Didn't like the predator story, about blowing pieces of people blossoming into the air. It reminded me of the scene in Charlie Wilson's war where the... read more..


Brother, Can You Spare an Afghani?

Published: 22 October 2008 “I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a sp... read more..


Tim's view

Wanted to chime in about some of the comments on this post while shamelessly plugging the blog Shem and I started last month. Our efforts pale in comparison to Michaels - I have been a fan of his fro... read more..


Tim & Kevlau - thanks

Thanks for the quick responses regarding the armbands. I appreciate it. Keep your heads down!... read more..


Camera time

The date/time on the camera isn't sure proof of its origin, of course, BUT.... with the internet, gear can be ordered worldwide. Because of the U.S. Army/Navy postal system, it's easy for our troop... read more..


Afghan children - Jurassic park

Thank you, Michael, for the beautiful pictures of the children. They have such BIG soft eyes! What wonderful images you've captured. I wish I was there -- there's nothing like children. The terrai... read more..


Best book I have Read in a long time Truth

Michael I just got your book from my daughter on 9/11, my birthday. I am also a survivor of 9/11 and member of FDNY. I follow both wars as much as I can but your posts are the best the, the Truth.... read more..


Jurassic Trailer Park

Michael, keep up the good work. I'm impressed as always. Your pictures of the landscape of Afghanistan always seem to portray a desolate, lifeless, wilderness of rock & mountains (except for the port... read more..


Rules of Engagement for French troops

Very good article and truly interesting trip you took there ... Just to bring some precisons, we have among the most restrictive ROE in Afghanistan, therefore you were not in danger of being shot by a... read more..


Validity of Tim Lynch's comments Questioned

Oh dear, I seem to have stepped on a very sore toe! Tim Lynch says "To say that the soviets were better fighters at the small unit level and better at hand to hand fighting is admitting you know no... read more..


Validity of Sean Jone's Worldview Questioned

Tim - No point paying any regard to Sean Jones' comment. He's clearly another wholly BBC-brainwashed Brit who won't admit the UK's "falling apart" after decades of left-wing/socialist progressiv... read more..


Americans crossing the road

Here's a true story hot from Kabul. I just spoke to a friend of mine on skype, a friend who works with the foreign contingent in Kabul. She was in a taxi in fairly heavy traffic in the middle of Ka... read more..


Now, Bayani

Hey Bayani, how about answering the facts I stated, instead of spouting all this personal abuse and brash big-mouth boasting? You just make yourselves look worse. Oh, I forgot, in your country "edu... read more..


More Hot Euroweenie-Journo Apocrypha, Jonesy?

Ooohh, have we stepped on widdle dittums toe-sies, Jonesy? Don't-cha know your "hot" fables caricaturing Americans simply validate your anti-American wet dreams? And your self-congratulatory quo... read more..


Lived with the Pashtun, Hey, Jonesy?

So, how was it for you around those warrior campfires, hmmnn? Was it the kohl-eyes and swirling skirts that did it for you?... read more..



Great post, Michael. Thanks for reminding us. You are doing a wonderful job of documenting history in the making -- journalism at its finest. I'm praying for your safety as you brave many dangers to l... read more..



In the 1970s, I watched as Spetnaz troops tested the one paved road (the highway running from the Iranian border to Kabul) at a location east of Herat to learn if it would support troop transports for... read more..



"No matter who is elected, America will remain true to its basic values of freedom, democracy, private enterprise and public service". I generally agree with most of your comments, and fully agree read more..



Amen and amen! To a large extent the poorest Americans are better off the most of the poor in the rest of the world. It is terrifying to lose what we have, but even then most of us would not end up ... read more..

2139 matter who is elected....

Michael, I have to disagree in regard to the possible direction of this country. We cannot trivialize the loss of trillions of dollars that Americans lost seemingly overnight. There are elements of ou... read more..


Bowing out to Baloneyo

Okay, Mr Balani, you're too much of a good ole boy for me to argue with, kinda difficult to discuss stuff the way y'all talk! I give up, you won kid, y'all too clever fer the likesa me. I cannot co... read more..



I am reminded of a line form Forest Gump when he told Bubba's Mama he was going to buy a shrimp boat, "Are you cazy or just plain stupid!" Barack Hussien Obomber is not BLACK or a hyphenated American... read more..


Paradise Lost

Now that I have expressed my views on politics I will address of the issue of Paradise Lost, i.e. the present situation in the middle east. As Michael has so aptly pointed out, the region of the worl... read more..


Loss of Civilization

Michael, Thank you for your reports and insights into Afghanistan and the other hard places of our globe; they really do show how blessed and lucky the United States has become. As you mentioned, ... read more..


Thank you

"We have hope. Or at least we have reason to hope." Yes we do have hope. We need to be a very grateful Nation that we have so many Champions protecting our hopes & dreams. My son will be home soon fr read more..



Michael we are a nonprofit assisting our wounded, it seems the longer the war goes on the more people forget or don't want to think about what is happening to our own when they return, we have servic... read more..


America and/or Afghanistan

Michael, when one political party uses the fight for our freedom and security for political positioning, then as far as I am concerned, that party has given up it's right to represent what America was... read more..


woman begging

i'm not so sure it's a woman begging look at the size of that meat hook... read more..


Your latest post

Michael, I support you and what you are doing and bought your book; however, I disagree with you as to your opinion on the Presidential candidates. I personally think "who would do what" should be le... read more..

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