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Beautiful Images

A very great post. Wonderful images of the children. Very sad that they deserve to live and enjoy life but they've been dealt a different card. Thanks for being there.... read more..


What are on their arms?

Michael - another top-notch dispatch. Keep up the good work! What are Tim and Shem wearing on their arms? You can see it in the pictures captioned "The Village" and "To the bat cave." Just curio... read more..


Jurassic Trailer Park

Thank you for, once again, putting a very human face on those who hope for a better life. The portraits, both written and photographic, are stunning.... read more..



While the kids are all Afghans, it is interesting to see the differences in their features. Your comments about them reflecting earlier conquerers seems to me to be spot on.... read more..


National Geographic can't match this!

Michael, your photos remind me of the cover of National Geographic a few years back, which featured a young Afghani girl with eerie green eyes. Your engaging photos, couple with an honest narrative, ... read more..


Rifles in photo

You asked about the rifles hanging on the shop wall. They Martini-Henry rifles. Brits used them in colonial times. Those might have been gathered in some Khyber Pass massacre.... read more..


Great Article!

Very beautiful pictures and it is fascinating to see such a different view ofn this part of the world. We never see this in the news or anywhere else. It just goes to show that for all our difference ... read more..


Excellent Photos.

I was deployed to this region of Afghanistan from 2006-2007. I was stationed just north of Jalalabad and frequently took trips both there and to Kabul on patrols and missions. I'm happy that someone... read more..


I wish you were birding, too...

but in the meantime, I'm really glad that you're doing what you're doing. Thank you, Michael! Another check is going in the mail this week.... read more..



As a soldier who spent a year in Afghanistan, I wanted to let you know how good your story was. I met hundreds of kids and locals during my time there, and the funny thing about their poor living situ... read more..


Afghanistan : opération conjointe en vallée d’Uzbin

Afghanistan : opération conjointe en vallée d’Uzbin Le 18 octobre 2008, des unités des forces nationales de sécurité afghanes et du RC-C (Regional Command-Capital) de la FIAS, sous les ordres du gé... read more..



Im guessing they said the Russians were tougher because of how they fought that war. Scorched earth and all...... read more..


She's Been Found read more..



Another great dispatch. Keep up the good work... read more..


A thousand splendid suns, a thousand times over!

When I look at your beautiful photographs, Mike, especially of the children, I am reminded of one of the most powerful, evocative, engaging, moving,timeless & unforgettable books I've read "THE KITE... read more..


Awesome job, as ususal...

Great work Mike. Tell me when to send you a heater. -frankie... read more..



One of the comments made was that the afghans just want to work hard and have a family. I disagree. Most afghan MEN would rather sit around all day and watch time go by. Most are lazy and do bare m... read more..


the french soldiers

iran, afghanistan: ‘Afghan insurgent leader protected by Teheran’ A confidential military report made public last Monday charges Iran offered protection to an Afghan insurgent leader who claimed r... read more..



I was there from 2006 to 2007. Thanks for the photos. Brings back many good memories of the people I worked with. In time, this country will drag itself out of poverty.....but there are many cultur... read more..



where did you see in the polls that the Frenchs are to get the hell out of afghanistan ? the national assembly voted 343 vs 210 for staying in Afghanistan... read more..


Moment Of Truth!

I, for the life of me, don't understand why we as a wonderful country don't expose more of Michael's powerful material. I have read alot of books up untill I purchaced Michael's and while reading it I... read more..


another Brit in Patrick Buisson's last book :"les années érotiques 1940 1945", not honorific for us, neither for ... read more..



Thank you for including the girls - i've just read "Three Cups of Tea" and am more convinced than ever that education of the girls will change a village. Not to exclude the boys-not at all because Af... read more..


Blond kids

Has Dolph Lundgren been to that village? The kid second from the right is a spiting image. Great pics as always.... read more..


What are on their arms?

What are Tim and Shem wearing on their arms? You can see it in the pictures captioned "The Village" and "To the bat cave." Just curious.... read more..


Good work!

Once again you show us the people that you encounter "live and in color". I love the photographs of the kids. Your reports from Afghanistan ...especially the British embed story and the Power Genera... read more..



Thanks, Michael, for putting a human face on the people that we are trying to help. Although we are sometimes the bull in the china shop hopefully the extra attention that Afghanistan is now (will be... read more..



Great article and lots of good subject (beautiful), Bamiyan, Buddhist caves, Brit forts, Afghan people and bats. Sad you did not see any there. I have been a member of Bat Conservation ... read more..


KIDs in Afghanistan

They are great pictures and show the real afghan kids living in villages. Afghan kids entertain themselves with nothing, they are so innocents and they do not have toys to play with, but they create t... read more..


Awesome post

I love these pictures. I have been to those caves, and even recognize a few of the boys, luckily I was there bat season. What a beautiful dispatch, finally putting into words something that is so ha... read more..

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