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Michael - It seems you've created quite an uproar with this post. : )~ I have to agree with the majority of your readers, that you might need to take a break and come back to the war-front at h... read more..


Right on

Many Americans have no clue how great we have it here in America. Thank you for giving us just a hint of how blessed we are. It is true that we must fight the daily fight to fend off those who would d... read more..



Michael, If you think 'private enterprise', 'freedom' and the like are the longer term result of putting Obama into office, you haven't been paying attention to who he is and to the people he's spe... read more..


Give Him the Hook!

Crikey, Jonesey, you still swanning around here? The vast swathe of Michael Yon's fandom are in MEGO catatonia from being subjected to the dustbin of your personal history. Is it really that awf... read more..


Baloney back from the dead!

Hello Mr Baloney, welcome back to the fray! One feared you had departed, deflated, to greener pastures new, some Rambo heaven of dead terrorists, or your usual catatonic state. [What are you on? Ca... read more..


Are You Connected?....

Are You Connected? I wonder if you are? If you like to breath easier, try listen to what Barack has to say about Afghanistan and Iraq. But if you are pro-republican no matter what, than you better... read more..


Kill bin Laden?

If you recall, Somalia offered the Clinton administration OBL on a silver platter, but were turned down because they couldn't make a criminal case. (I believe that they made the offer twice.) And ... read more..


In regards to Obama's remarks

So just what has Obama uttered that makes you thing we will "breathe easier" if unfortunately he gets elected into office? Please site specific quotes of his related to a nationall defense design.... read more..


Are You Connected?

This is exactly why I don't post some of the photos I recieved from some military friends while they were in Iraq. They sent awesome pics which might have told a bit too much about vehicle makeup. Sol... read more..



I too will breathe easier. One reason - Obama losing would mean Americans haven't been conned by the main stream media. My local betting shop has the same odds for McCain as Bush in the last week... read more..


thank you

I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts. I have followed your posts from the beginning. I have worked for major news networks here in america for years--enough to be considered "connected" but... read more..


sketchy future?

it will be a travesty to the citizens of oure great country if barack obama becomes our next president! despite all of president Bush's faults, he has been part of the colossal and successful effort t... read more..


Thank You!

I have been folllowing you since you first hit the ground in Iraq. Thanks for all you report and photographs you share. You are the man! "Above The Best"... read more..


Obama will win

Obama will win you are pathetic lying losers... read more..


Advertisement and the Virtue of Audacity

02 November 2008Many esteemed and influential people have been privately debating the question: “Is it Possible to Win the U.S. Presidency by Fraud and Deception?”  We already know the answer, don’t w read more..


Kill Bin Laden?

In what country and in what party is OBL a "political leader?" He is an ordinary citizen/terrorist. As such, he's fair game. Tom... read more..



I suspect that we will have to deal with Iran sooner or later. Word is that they would like to develop and launch a nuke warhead over the US. The resulting EMP would take out our power grid and shut d... read more..



"Mr. bin Laden used to live in Sudan. He was expelled from Saudi Arabia in 1991, then he went to Sudan. And we'd been hearing that the Sudanese wanted America to start meeting with them again. They re read more..



From respected, veteran war reporter to partisan hack inside two sentences.... read more..


Cannot thank you enough

I just finished your book (Moment of Truth) and learned an immense amount, even though I have followed the war closely and read most (if not all) of your dispatches. Michael, you truly are the modern... read more..


Major Mark Bieger

hi... i'm 15 and i live in Bend, Oregon (central oregon)... we call it the "High Desert" although if u ever come here it's nothing like a desert... and we have snow year round except for in the summer... read more..


Getting Ridiculous

"Any Democrat will tell you that it is better that 3,000 civilians die in a collapsing building than we abrogate the "rights" of a single terrorist." - Steamboat jack Oh, please. I realize it's eas read more..


Thanks Mike

Jim Olson: The email said he'd breathe easier if McCain won, not Obama. Re-read it. Everyone else, the point of the dispatch was opsec, not everyone's political opinions, like we don't have enough ... read more..


Can't Win

Michael, I appreciate the danger you subject yourself to in order to bring us stories from Iraq and Afghanistan. I have followed your work since the earlier days and have observed a funny thing about ... read more..


News from the US Obama the Dems move to Socalism

if Barack Obama is elected, he’s not going to turn the U.S. into a socialist state (at least I don’t think he will). You will be surprised what happens when he gets the major majority that is expecte... read more..


Afghan loyalty in true perspective and what those cute kids want to do when they grow up

My western friends who are working for HR, freedom and democracy in Kabul, to whom I was talking yesterday, were just reassuring me that every single Afghan that they talk to swears they hate the Tale... read more..


Ref No 38

Marie Claude I do not know the author or the book to which you refer or the reason for its inclusions in your post, other than it being just another example of the numerous ways the French have of ... read more..


Your Response

Mike, My apologies for being paranoid about the OPSEC ramifications in your previous post. We live and breathe OPSEC daily where I live and work, so sometimes it's easy to get hyper-paranoid about i... read more..


Bloody Border, Messy Politics

27 October 2008 Yesterday, U.S. special operations forces struck positions across the Syrian-Iraq order, inside of Syria, apparently killing nine people, most of whom were non-Syrian Arab fighters on ... read more..



Michael, Thanks for all you do. I was down in Florida 2 weeks ago and stopped in Lakeland to see your photos and pick up your 1st book. (I already have your 2nd book) I look forward to your di... read more..

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