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Stalemate in Korangal Valley

Stalemate in Korangal Valley. Stalemate in Korangal Valley. ... read more..


Joe Galloway: A day to remember the price of freedom

22 May 2009 By Joseph L. GallowayMcClatchy Newspapers Memorial Day is upon us, and for most Americans that means the first holiday weekend of a new summer. For most, it's time to dust off the barbe... read more..


Defense chief praises soldier in pink boxers

23 May 2009 This photo pushes my laughter button every time it pops up.  You never know what our soldiers are going to do next.  Despite the combat, there is a great deal of humor to be... read more..


Afghanistan: Media Finally Picking Up on Significance of 2010

Security turnaround in Afghanistan in 18 months a must: Mullen24 May 2009AFPWASHINGTON (AFP) — The US military must "dramatically" stem a three-year slide in the security situation in Afghanistan over... read more..


Injustice and Captain Black

25 May 2009 Richard Oppel is an excellent war correspondent.  I first got to know him in 2005 in Iraq.  That this story is coming from Mr. Oppel indicates there is something to it.  No... read more..


Can't Stop the Rain

A man can’t stop the rain, but he can use an umbrella.A man can’t stop the rain, but he can use an umbrella. ... read more..


The Dutch Boy Dilemma

25 May 2009by BabatimI have been victimized this week by a crashed internet system and one false start on this post. In addition when I do get a little net time I am engaged in several email conversat... read more..


Memorial Day 2009

25 May 2009Searching for an opportunity to honor America's veterans this Memorial Day, a moment presented itself.  Some friends and I visited a school for blind children in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I sa... read more..


Atomic Bomb and Suicide

26 May 2009 Went into a Korean travel agency in Thailand today to buy an airline ticket.  Am heading to Singapore, Philippines, then Pakistan and Afghanistan.  The staff at the agency is Korean and th... read more..


Jungle Baby of Borneo

I went into a village in Iraq some years ago, and heard stories of how Saddam’s army came in, killed a lot of people and took all the pretty girls.  The pretty girls were never seen again.  I recall t... read more..


Understanding the Surge in Iraq and What’s Ahead

27 May 2009 By Thomas RicksMay 2009 Thomas E. Ricks is a Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security. He is also a contributing editor for Foreign Policy and serves as a special militar... read more..


James 'Maggie' Megellas

27 May 2009 Medal of Honor nominee James ‘Maggie’ Megellas has been invited by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands for the Military Order of William(Medal of Honor) ceremony. The Military Order of Will... read more..



Thursday, 28 May 2009Am in Singapore to meet up with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.  Unfortunately his airplane had difficulties and he is delayed.  I understand part of the trip is being trimmed ... read more..


Good News from the Philippines

28 May 2009 Troops kill 10 rebels in southern Philippines Reuters27 May 2009 MANILA, May 27 (Reuters) - Philippine troops killed 10 rogue Muslim rebels in a massive sea-air-land assault on a remo... read more..


Good News from Malaysia

28 May 2007  Malaysia to keep terror suspect 27 May 2007BBC A top Singaporean terrorism suspect recaptured in Malaysia last month will not be extradited for at least two years, Malaysia's pri... read more..


Secretary of Defense Robert Gates Sets Me Straight

29 May 2009Secretary Gates arrived in Singapore after a 35 hour flight from Kansas.  The aircraft landed several times along the way due to a technical issue that precluded in-flight refueling.  But h... read more..


Soldier in Need

30 May 2009 This email came from a friend named Susanne.  I got to know Susanne in Iraq while she was working for the Red Cross.  Susanne is like a silent "Soldiers' Angel" (one of my favor... read more..


Trip with Secretary Gates

31 May 2009We are in Singapore for an extra day.  This following is an official statement from Geoff Morrell, the press secretary for Secretary Gates:"Secretary Gates has elected to delay by a day his... read more..

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