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May 2008
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Hard to believe

I commute via the DC Metro every day - 14 stops worth in each direction on the Red and Blue/Orange Lines. There are always uniformed military personnel on the trains and I have NEVER seen anything of... read more..



truthnmerci said "LOL you are not a former Marine unless they kick you out. Once a Marine, always a Marine." You're an idiot and don't know what you're talking about, so you should shut your worth... read more..



"I'd put my money that if any military have been accosted, it's been by mentally ill people, not war protesters." They're the same thing. read more..



Too sad that the minority of ignorant Americans can't really appreciate what the US military do around the world. If they realize the great service done by the US armed forces, they would be ashamed. ... read more..


Distributor Refuses to Carry "Moment of Truth in Iraq" on Military Bases

Folks are asking why "Moment of Truth in Iraq" is not being carried on most military bases within the United States. Here's why: My publisher and literary agent have been working with the privat... read more..


Curiouser and curiouser

Bob Owens at Pajamas Media hunts it down:   Please Click here.... read more..


Memorial Day

Greetings this Memorial Day. I'm spending this important day quietly with friends in Florida. It was with these friends, just over four years ago, that I attended the funeral of our mutual high school... read more..


Memorial Day Weekend

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13   On this Memorial Day our thoughts go out to all of our brave warriors who have made the ultima read more..


In Memory of SPC David Lee Leimbach

CSM Jeff Mellinger is out there still "Walking the Line." He did the longest continuous tour in Iraq that I have ever seen: 33 plus months without a break except for normal leave. And he was serious... read more..


Teens trained for suicide bombings in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iraqi soldiers rounded up six teenagers in northern Iraq who were being trained, against their will, to carry out suicide bombings for al Qaeda in Iraq, the Interior Ministry sa... read more..


The Ed Morrissey Show: Michael Yon replay

In our third Memorial Day interview, Michael Yon talks about his experiences as an embedded independent journalist in Iraq. This is one of the best shows I think we did on Hot Air, and the hour just f... read more..


Casualty Announcement For Memebers of Congress and Governors

DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Office of the Chief of Legislative Liaison 1600 Army Pentagon Washington, DC 20310-1600 CASUALTY ANNOUNCEMENT FOR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND GOVERNORS May 27, 2008 The United State... read more..


Book Review at Frontpage Magazine

Click here to read the full book review of "Moment of Truth in Iraq" at Frontpage Magazine. ... read more..


The Buck Stops

Last week I published a memo that had been circulating around the Department of Defense warning of verbal assaults against uniformed military personnel in the Washington Metro. Now some folks are sayi... read more..


Investigation Launched

The House Committee on Armed Services is investigating claims made by the New York Times. The New York Times claimed that retired Generals were co-opted by the Department of Defense to spread what ... read more..


Free copies of Moment of Truth in Iraq

FREE copies of Moment of Truth in Iraq are available with a 12 month subscription to Townhall magazine. Total cost for 12 months of this excellent magazine is only $34.95. For details, please click on... read more..

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