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Moment of Truth delivered the book Friday May,9th. I started reading it but got sleepy. Maybe I'll read more tonight if I can keep from falling asleep and the old eyes from watering.Actually I think the U... read more..


Moment of Truth in Iraq - Chapter One

C H A P T E R O N E   Be Not AfraidYou shall cross the barren desert, but you shall not die of thirst.You shall wander far in safety though you do not know the way.You shall speak your word read more..


Michael Moore’s Crime

  Now here’s Michael Moore, the latest infringer, using my work for his own crude political purposes. I recall some years ago watching one of his movies in Paris, and thinking how sad it was tha read more..


Verbal assaults directed at uniformed [military] personnel

Washington D.C. Dept of Transportation Federal Transit Administration sends: Recently, there have been local incidents in which military personnel have been verbally assaulted while commuting on the ... read more..


Self Defense Never Denied

When I was stationed at Belvoir, I'd often ride the Metro from Huntington into the Pentagon. I was always in uniform, since it was work related, and during work hours. Sometimes it's unavoidable to ... read more..


Whats worse... that it doesn't sound like any one stepped in between this person and the (female)Soldier to stop him. Do we think he would have done it if it was a male in uniform? I think the least we c read more..



What a wonderful political system we have. It forces hero's to hide and protects asshats. Perfect.... read more..


better idea

Satisfying though it would be, I don't think beating these "protesters" is the best response. Argue with them. No need to be polite -- "hey a***, you ever think about the fact that without people like... read more..


Paul Cox , Michael Moore, and Michael Yon.

Paul Cox - I'd like to know how you KNOW what the facts are. Do you know Michael Moore personally? Michael Yon has called for civility towards Michael Moore in light of what he knows the facts are.... read more..


Not the rule

As a D.C. resident, I frequently see uniformed military personnel on the Metro. I've always wanted to thank them for their service, but didn't want to risk embarrassing them. Now that I've read this... read more..


Hey Fen

LOL you are not a former Marine unless they kick you out. Once a Marine, always a Marine. If you don't read it already: onemarinesviewdotcom archive post 21 Oct 05 "The Oath". Excellent st... read more..


Slow Down

I ride the Metro here occasionally and there are often uniformed military on the trains. I think it's common enough that they get no special treatment. Perhaps that's unfortunate in itself but it's ... read more..


bogus report

dont' believe this. ride yellow line to Pentagon every day and have for years, and have never seen anything like this. I also don't believe that the Dept of Transportation would tell military member... read more..


bogus report-update

just spent a lot of time searching the FTA web site and could not find anything even vaguely like this. could be my search skills, but I simply think this is a hoax. we get protesters here at the Pe... read more..


C'mon guys...first amendment

Hey Guys: your hearts are in the right place, but freedom of speech means freedom of stupid speech. The answer is not to physically strike anyone, but just take their picture and try to record their... read more..


This is America?

Geesh Michael, you're giving advice that is always given to military personell and Americans citizens (no us flag shirts) when they're visiting another country. But this is America, next will be that ... read more..


Metro screamers

I ride both the blue and yellow lines to and from Pentagon every day. I have never seen anything like this, although I have seen some racially charged encounters that had nothing to do with military m... read more..



Keep those cam-corders handy. Document and preserve. We want to be able to show that the politician running for office really did spit on the military.... read more..


Your Book

Received my copy of your book but haven't read it yet. I wouldn't worry about Moore, but I would hang him high litigiously. Keep up the great stuff you are doing - Ernie Pyle would be proud.... read more..



dont' believe this. ride yellow line to Pentagon every day and have for years, and have never seen anything like this. And of course you ride it every minute of every day too, right? LOL, you didn... read more..



I like to talk about stool.... read more..


Uniforms and DOT

While I suspect this is a hoax (I hope so, at least) it is instructive how the tide changes. As a sailor out of boot camp in the early 70's, we were not to travel in uniform on leave except change of ... read more..


It's not a joke

I work at an Air Force base, personnel here have been advised not to wear uniforms when travelling, particularly in certain liberal cities like SF. Sad but true.... read more..


Not sure

I ride the Blue and Yellow lines every day. Plenty of military personnel ride, too, and I've never seen an incident like the ones described here. It also doesn't appear that military personnel are tak... read more..


Free Speech vs Verbal assault

If you want to see the problem in its starkest terms, lets assume that the DOT document is real. Military personell are told "Should you be approached by any individuals expressing anti-government/ant... read more..



After 35 years living in DC, I now live in Wisconsin. The air is much fresher here. I got thanked for my service , 46 years after discharge.... read more..


Saddest thing: the soldiers cannot respond in kind

The idea that soldiers would not be able to defend themselves against a bunch of smelly "p*ss activists" is of course laughable. The real danger (to the soldiers) is that the soldiers let themselve... read more..



I live and work in Alexandria Virginia. I go through the Eisenhower Station everyday. I have never seen any incidents like this. Anyone who tired something like this in Alexandria at the Eisenhower st... read more..


doesn't pass the sniff test...

I'd put my money that if any military have been accosted, it's been by mentally ill people, not war protesters. And I'd advise against knocking teeth out -- what if you slugged some guy for nothing m... read more..


LESS is Far better than "Moore!"

Michael, I wrote to you a couple of years ago! I have been following your dispatches, and forwarded and shared your site with contacts in my address book! I Truly DO Respect your integrity and your ... read more..

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