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I ordered a signed copy. I've finished it and passed it along to my dad (retired Army) to read. I printed the flyer, and last night I dropped it by the Customer Service counter of the local Barnes &... read more..


You're the Ernie Pyle of your generation

I've been reading your dispatches since 2005. I read Moment Of Truth In Iraq over the weekend and it brings everything together in a clear and understandable fashion. God Bless you for taking this o... read more..



Michael, Thank you so much for writing what I think is the most important book about the current status of the Iraq war. I just wish our political leadership on both sides would read this book ... read more..



Micheal, grats to you for your success and your book. You have worked hard and everything you get you have earned. I have been following you since Duece 4 and you have kept me informed every since. ... read more..


So THAT'S how you did it!

signed the title page loose! Ha ha! Nasty Boy. Now, make sure LIBRARY JOURNAL has copies of the book. It might be worthwhile to take out an advertisement in there. Librarians like "LJ" better than Pub... read more..


Moments of Truth

Finished your book in nearly one sitting - lots of bang for the bucks! As a Vietnam veteran and Ruff Puff operations I am impressed with your focus on counterinsurgency. It does work because it focus ... read more..


They came in

I heard from my girlfriend that both my copies came in the mail. I'm not home now but I'm looking forward to reading them when I get home. I bought two because I plan on saving one so that I can show ... read more..


Thanks and agreement.....

Brian H from down under- You Aussies are wonderful. Not a stitch of disagreement with the "war on terror". America and Australia are 'blood brothers' in this fight. Keep up the fire. CPT Weitz 82n... read more..



I got the book in the mail and started reading it. I've only had time to read the first two chapters, the first of which I remember reading as a dispatch. Looking forward to finishing the book and m... read more..


we could win

only if we had a draft. We can't make an all out commitment with our number of boots. Our soldiers are doing the best they can, but we are putting our own country in danger...Marc... read more..


Excellent Book!

Got it yesterday, finished it tonight. Fantastic Read. Thank you for writing this. If only the Presidential candidates would read it! Since it won't help them get elected they won't, but it wo... read more..


Great op-ed piece

Thanks, Michael, for directing me to your recent op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal. It was a great read. Thanks, also, for calling out the grandstanding members of Congress for their self-serv... read more..


Great Book!

I just received my copy in the mail last night. I couldn't put it down. Fantastic job.... read more..


Update on Moment of Truth in Iraq

We have sold all 5,200 signed copies of my new book Moment of Truth in Iraq, but I am making a special trip very soon to the printer to sign 2,000 more. I apologize for the slight delay in shipping. O... read more..


To bring peace to the Afghans, talk to the Taleban

Planes, Trains, Armored Trucks, and AfghanistanInstead of “planes, trains, and automobiles,” my trip from western Nineveh to Mosul, to Erbil, to Vienna, to Stuttgart, to Atlanta, to El Paso, and then ... read more..


New York Post - Expert Witness

"LTC Kurilla began running in the direction of the shooting. He passed by me, and I chased, Kurilla leading the way. There was a quick and heavy volume of fire. And then LTC Kurilla was shot. Kurilla read more..


"Moment of Truth in Iraq" at Barnes and Noble

Moment of Truth in Iraq is on sale at for a very discounted price. We are not sure how long they will be offering the discount but we want as many readers as possible to know ab... read more..


Great Discounts on Bulk Orders of Moment of Truth in Iraq

We get many requests about bulk sales from people who wish to distribute copies of the book to illustrate the important work our troops are doing in Iraq. One person bought 600 copies.My publisher is ... read more..


Barnes & Noble

On Saturday I signed an additional 2000 books with 1600 left. The backorders for signatured books began shipping on the same day.The publisher is going into the 2nd printing.Moment of Truth in Iraq is... read more..


Great Article

Wow, awesome photos and words... read more..

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