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Senator Harkin’s Disinformation Letter

04 April 2012 Written by: A constituent of U.S. Senator Tom Harkin finally received a reply five months after her initial letter and fax to Senator Harkin about MEDEVAC operations read more..


Is the Red Cross a Neutral Symbol to Afghans?

16 April 2012Wrtten by: [Writer] Michael Yon has written about the cultural importance of our MEDEVAC helicopters showing Red Cross symbols on them in a Muslim society. Here is a p read more..


RED CROSS: Symbol of Blood

Photo Michael Yon 17 April 2012 Army Generals will have the public believe that the Red Cross is a morale booster for our troops.  That load of bull is too heavy even for a Blackhawk helicopter... read more..


Afghanistan Opium Survey 2012

Please click here to view the entire document. read more..


Taliban Denounce Poisoning of Girls

18 April 2012 Yesterday, about 171 girls and women were poisoned at a school in Afghanistan.  Whereas the blame immediately went to the Taliban, Afghanistan is far too complex for reflexive answ read more..


Did Green Berets and MEDEVAC Violate Geneva Conventions in Afghanistan?

NO. Air Force HH-60G Pave Hawk in Afghanistan (photo credit DVIDS) 22 April 2012 A video is circulating of "Green Berets" in combat.  The Soldiers are hammering away with a minigun and other w... read more..


Dark Night

DVIDS 23 April 2012 Last week there was a suicide attack on a police checkpoint in Afghanistan.  There were numerous fatalities and wounded.  All Afghans. MEDEVAC flights can be extremely... read more..


Effective Smart Power in Afghanistan: Leveraging Hard Power and Soft Assets

24 April 2012 To view the entire report please click here.... read more..


Drunken Monkeys, Milkooks, Military, and the Media

US Army Master Sergeant and milblogger, CJ Grisham: known for spamming Wikipedia and other outlets with false information (This dispatch is intended for investigative journalists who may be intereste... read more..


Little Girl Revisited

02 May 2012 This image was made seven years ago today.   There had been a great deal of combat.  It’s been said that the “Deuce Four” was the most decorated unit in the Iraq war.&nbs read more..


Shot in the Dark: Blackhawk Down

Afghan firing RPG in Urozgan 02 May 2012 On 19 April there was a suicide attack.  Numerous Afghans were killed and others were dying. The night was especially dark.  The weather was bad, ... read more..


Today’s Messages from Taliban about Today’s Attack and Obama’s visit

02 May 2012 A message came to me about nine hours ago from the Taliban that Obama visited and so the Taliban had an attack underway.  They did in fact have an attack underway.  I publishe read more..


A Letter that Speaks for Itself (1 of 4)

Provided by a little bird04 May 2012 To view the entire pdf please click here.... read more..


Another Letter that Speaks for Itself (2 of 4)

From a little bird05 May 2012 To view the entire pdf please click here.... read more..


New Helmet System

06 May 2012 This helmet system could have many uses, such as for gunners in the hatch.  But as one of the most experienced and smartest vets I know told me this morning, most troops will not wan read more..


A Letter that Speaks for Itself (3 of 4)

09 May 2012 Someone needs to check Panetta for a pulse.  He is so non-responsive that I wonder if he is breathing. To view the entire PDF please click here. read more..



10 May 2012 Many people have contacted lawmakers around the country about MEDEVAC failures in Afghanistan.  Most of the lawmakers blew it off, or seemed intimidated by the Pentagon.  But on read more..


Helicopter versus RPG

The enemy weapons causing the most deaths in Afghanistan are simple.  There are the machine guns, and the AK-47s, and many thousands of improvised bombs planted in the earth, and suicide bombs, read more..


Word Games

12 May 2012Written by Just a reminder of the official US Army position on the need to make changes to MEDEVAC policies and procedures. This is the final three paragraphs of the sta read more..


Revamped Flight Medic Training

17 May 2012Written by Good news. Enhanced Flight Medic Training Begins After over a decade of urgent calls for upgraded training of Army flight medics, it has begun. This article read more..


US Congress and MEDEVAC

17 May 2012 The US MEDEVAC issue is picking up speed and mass.  There is so much progress that it is difficult to track.  A separate and excellent website dedicated to the issue has popped read more..


Smoking Gun Army Documents

Removing Red Crosses might help troops, but hurt Propaganda Campaign Photo Credit: DVIDS 21 May 2012 We are making tremendous progress on the MEDEVAC issue.  Much of the progress has come from... read more..


Statement From Taliban

The Taliban sent this statement.  There is a great deal of false information here but good to know what they are saying: Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the NATO summit in Chicago Accord... read more..


Heart of a Ranger

Jill Stephenson, mother of fallen Ranger, Ben Kopp, is unexpectedly reunited with the casualty assistance officer who was with her when Ben died in Washington D.C. two years earlier. The chance encoun... read more..



27 May 2012 To view the entire pdf please click here.... read more..


CSM (ret.) Jeff Mellinger Emails

Image: DVIDS 27 May 2012 Jeff Mellinger emailed about Benjamin Kopp and other heroes.  I asked Jeff for permission to publish.  Jeff’s message: My wife and I were at Walter Reed with Rang... read more..


Free Burma Rangers REPORT: 29 May 2012

Strong Military Presence Remains in Karen State, while Burma Army continues with Attacks, Resupplies and Increased TroopsKaren State, Burma29 May, 2012Written by: Free Burma Rangers In This Report: ... read more..


Proof That Military Puts Media Message before Troops' Lives

31 May 2012 The following document was provided by a source within the military.  This document proves that a decision was made not to arm vehicles during serious fighting because it would conve... read more..

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