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Tippity Top General attempts to Deceive Congressman (in writing)

14 February 2012 Happy Valentine’s Day.  It isn’t Valentine’s for those who will get hit with bullets or bombs today.  And it will happen.  So let’s get down to business. The top offi read more..


Department of Army Monitoring MEDEVAC Articles

15 February 2012 The following message was issued behind closed doors by the Department of Army (DA).  It pertains to media coverage of the MEDEVAC debacle.  There is no foul in monitoring read more..


66 is not 59

17 February 2012 The Army campaign around the MEDEVAC continues to unravel.  They’ve tried just about everything short of assassination and witchcraft to freeze the growing stampede.  In th read more..


A Hypothetical Interview General Martin Dempsey:

18 February 2012 General Martin Dempsey is the highest-ranking member of the US military.  He directly advises the President.  Lieutenant General John Campbell is Chief of Army Operations read more..


Army Dustoff Medics Unprepared

“After more than 9 years of conflict and more than 40 AAR’s recommending the evolution of MEDEVAC to current civilian standards, no institutional change has been made. Continuing the legacy model has ... read more..


White Birds in a Red War

25 February 2012 An Army Dustoff pilot studying his art ran across some interesting passages.  The book DUST OFF: ARMY AEROMEDICAL EVACUATION IN VIETNAM mentions machine guns, missiles, Geneva C... read more..


Our Weak Government Must Stop Apologizing for Criminal Behavior of Others

27 February 2012 The recent Koran-burning in Afghanistan has again inspired lunacy and murder.  And while the US civilian and military leadership burdened by their oleaginous apologies tumbles d... read more..


Tigers, Crocodiles, Korans and Superstitions

Tiger eyes of man with fresh scars “The Sundarbans lies in the massive delta between India and Bangladesh. This is one of the most beautiful but most dangerous places in the world, a place of tigers ... read more..


Sisters at War

29 February 2012 This is a small tribute to our women in harm’s way. We constantly argue about whether or not women should be allowed in combat.  Reality is that they have been in combat for lo... read more..


MEDEVAC Momentum: Senate Armed Services Committee to Raise the Issue

01 March 2012 The MEDEVAC issue continues with increasing seriousness.  Numerous Generals, the Secretary of the Army, and the Secretary of Defense (through General Dempsey, the Chairman of Joint read more..


Senator Levin on MEDEVAC

07 March 2012 Senator Carl Levin has been sending a form letter to his constituents.  Key parts of the letter seem to be have been written by the Army.  At minimum, Senator Levin’s response read more..


Purple Heart

PFC Leah Bartlett awarded Purple Heart 09 March 2012 Reaction to the recent Koran burnings led to dozens of killings.  Some of the attacks were obviously related to the burnings, while others m... read more..



Austin Prince, about 12 years, with cobra 12 March 2012 Under my dispatch from Bangladesh: Tigers, Crocodiles, Korans and Superstitions was this comment: Michael, We have friends who are missionar... read more..


The Panjway 16

15 March 2012 The New York Daily News asked for an op-ed on the mass murder in Afghanistan.  I invested several hours writing and they took it as is. As per normal, they changed the title.  read more..


More Mass Murders in Afghanistan

15 March 2012 Got this message from former Marine Tim Lynch, in Afghanistan.  Tim's not always polite, but he's a former infantry officer and I listen to him very closely: "The Taliban killed 1 read more..


Insurgents Used Cell Phone Geotags to Destroy AH-64s in Iraq

15 March 2012The original posting of this article can be found on Defensetech at "Here’s a battlefield safety issue that some people have been warning about –and others have been ignor read more..


Libya Spot Report

16 March 2012 An experienced friend is currently in Tripoli and writes: I’m telling you, you should get your butt over here to Libya - it’s a really interesting place.  I know everyone’s mind read more..


Major RED FLAG: Military Cover-up in Afghanistan

16 March 2012 Info just coming out that a 22-year-old Marine was murdered on 01 Feb, about 6 weeks ago, in another insider attack.  The military covered it up as if it were combat operations.&nb read more..


Sir Petraeus

16 March 2012 This has been secret until a few minutes ago.  The Dutch Minister of Defense just knighted General (ret.) Petraeus in the Hague.  I was invited to go but could not make it, un read more..


Alcohol in Afghanistan

19 March 2012 There are reports that alcohol was involved in the Panjway 16.  There are also reports that alcohol was not involved. Since 2005, I've only seen two Soldiers truly drunk on missio read more..


Panjway, Afghanistan: Amphitheater of War

For a larger view please click on image or one of the links below. 23 March 2012 This panorama was made in the general area where the Panjway 17 massacre unfolded.  The view is over the Arghand... read more..


Sergeant Godsmack vs. Nazar

27 March 2012 PTSD is a serious problem.  Suicides by veterans happen many times per day, every day.  At best, PTSD can degrade the quality of life of veterans and their families.  A read more..


Taliban Sends Message about US Prisoner Bowe Bergdahl

29 March 2012 Several years ago, the Taliban captured a US Soldier named Bowe Bergdahl. Yesterday was Bergdahl’s third birthday in captivity. I’ve asked the Taliban several times to see Bergdahl.&nb... read more..


Camera Auction

Kopp-Etchells Effect during combat operations with British Forces. (Sangin, Afghanistan, 2009) 01 April 2012 The time has come for expensive upgrades.  Canon has added the Mark III 5d and soon ... read more..


02 April 2012 The Army continues to insist that certain helicopters in Afghanistan must wear Red Crosses to abide by Geneva Conventions.  This is untrue.  There is no requirement to wear Re read more..


Attempted Fraud Using Ebay and PayPal names

Scam Packing slip 05 April 2012 Monday I listed some camera gear for sale on Ebay.  Starting bid was $7,000, but for $7,700 a buyer could take everything immediately.  Soon after came a cl... read more..


Aerial Camouflage – It’s Not Easy Being Green…with Big White Patches and Red Crosses

04 April 2012Written By: The recent discussions about removing the Red Crosses on white backgrounds from the Army’s MEDEVAC helicopters created quite an uproar from Army leadership read more..


Bowe Bergdahl: Two messages from the Taliban

10 April 2012 Over the months I have communicated with the Taliban about US prisoner Bowe Bergdahl.  Numerous times I have asked the Taliban to allow me to visit Bowe.  In each case, the Ta read more..


America’s Angry Troops: Message from a Marine

Image: DVIDS 13 April 2012 Marine, Army and Air Force sources continue to provide information about MEDEVAC failures in Afghanistan.  Top Army Generals say there are no complaints from the MEDE... read more..

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