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Afghanistan Update: Taliban Losing on Battlefield, But Making Progress in Media War

22 September 2011 Description from Glenn Reynolds: Want some good news? Our troops are fighting and winning in Afghanistan. Combat journalist Michael Yon calls Glenn Reynolds from the "Birthplace o read more..



23 September 2011Zhari District, Kandahar Province, AfghanistanTask Force Spartan, 4-4 Cav Many Americans have died in these vineyards.  Canadian blood has fertilized this ground, and we kill read more..


Threat from American Soldier

25 September 2011Kandahar Province, Afghanistan Every American service member is a representative of the United States of America.  If an American Soldier were to write about President Obama, “I... read more..


War Boy

26 September 2011Zhari District, Kandahar Province, AfghanistanTask Force Spartan, 4-4 Cav The boy knew it would be loud. He looked to the Soldier. He waited for the shots. The Afghan So... read more..


The Long Walk

27 September 2011 Surprises are everywhere.   Behind these doors could be a thousand pounds of explosives waiting for the patrol.  Or there might be a cow and some chickens. Und... read more..


Michael Yon's War

Republished: 27 September 2011 Author: D.B. Grady1 June 2010 It began with a bridge. On the morning of March 1, a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device detonated on Tarnak River Bridge near Kand... read more..


Censorship Threat from US Army Public Affairs

28 September 2011 A US Army Captain named Carbone barged into my tent and physically assaulted me.  The interesting backstory is studded with ill-discipline inside the 443rd Civil Affairs Battal... read more..


Soldiers' Angels October Newsletter 2011

Please click here to view the entire newsletter. read more..


Watch Your Step

10 October 2011Afghanistan The choice is yours.  If blood and guts are too much, the video at the end of this dispatch is not for you.  Do not click the button if your stomach is too weak read more..


Red Air: America’s Medevac Failure

4-4 Cav waiting to board helicopters for an air assault. 12 October 2011Afghanistan Most of our troops in Afghanistan never see combat.  The closest they get might be the occasional rocket atta... read more..


Thin Air

14 October 2011Nimruz Province, Afghanistan This lucky image was captured two days ago in the Dasht-e-Margo (Desert of Death.) The Baloch tribesman is a member of the Afghan National Police and was read more..


Moon over Afghanistan

15 October 2011Nimroz Province, Afghanistan This image was made several months back in Kabul, I believe.  The moon looks similar these nights out here near the Iranian border. Each evening, I read more..


Cutting Women in the Forgotten Province

20 October 2011Travels to Nimruz Province, Afghanistan Nimruz has been called the forgotten province, and it’s true.  During each of my two journeys to Nimruz, I talked with the governor and m read more..


Executive Summary: Crash of CH-47D Aircraft in Wardak Province, Afghanistan on 6 August 2011

Published: 22 October 2011 Please click here to view the entire Summary.... read more..


Golden Seconds

Golden Seconds Open Letter to Secretary of Defense Leon Panettaand President Barack Obama US Air Force "Pedro" helicopter 24 October 2011 Gentlemen, For the last seven years I have written about ... read more..


Kids, Emails, and Dustoffs

Sergeant Larson, 4-4 Cav, stands night guard in Zhari District, Afghanistan. Sergeant Larson got shot a day or two before. The bullet only ripped his gear. 25 October 2011 Two types of emails stop m... read more..


Machine Guns on Dustoffs

26 October 2011 A big thank you to everyone who is reaching out to civilian leadership on the matter of arming Dustoff helicopters.  If you have received letters such as the above, please send read more..


Dustoff Traction

27 October 2011 The plight of unarmed Army Dustoff helicopters is reaching many ears.  Yesterday, someone at a major newspaper asked me to write an Op-ed, and there are many other elements of pr... read more..


Pale Riders

A No-Name Unit, in a No-Name Place Pale Riders' Tents 03 November 2011 Few people realize that Task Force Spartan is in what is probably the toughest fighting in Afghanistan.  Many of the Sold... read more..


Night Walk with 4-4 Cav

04 November 2011 It’s amazing how many lights can be seen on a dark night.  Especially if you are with the US military.  Different-colored lights are useful for differing purposes. The co read more..


Afghanistan: Major General Disembedded from US Forces

05 November 2011 Another General has been sacked in Afghanistan.  Major General Peter Fuller will be sent packing for speaking his mind.  From what I have read, MG Fuller told the truth and read more..


Fool’s Gold & Troops’ Blood

America's Medevac Failure 06 November 2011 This combat video was made in September 2011 in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.  A bomb was planted in our path.  A young, highly-liked Soldier n... read more..


Report to Congress

Army called to Report on MEDEVAC Failure in Afghanistan 07 November 2011 This morning, I emailed to the office of Congressman Mike Pompeo asking for a phone conversation.  His office informed m... read more..


Question for Congressman Pompeo: What is your Position?

08 November 2011 Forward Operating Base Pasab is in the upper left corner of this image.  It’s the little rectangle looking area bristling with machine guns.  Well, you can’t see the mach read more..


Abandoned Mosque

09 November 2011 We came into an abandoned Mosque.  The village was empty other than enemy.  Outside, a Soldier found a piece of fuse from an artillery or mortar round.  The roof of read more..


Leadership: More than a Word

10 November 2011 There are leaders, and there are people in leadership positions.  These are not synonymous.  Today is the 314th day of 2011.  According to, approxima read more..


That 1%

11 November 2011 It has been an honor these seven years to cover American and British troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines and elsewhere.  It is said that only about 1% of Americans serve read more..


Marked for Destruction

14 November 2011 Camouflage is a combat imperative.  Instruction in the use of camouflage begins in basic training.  The Red Cross on the bright white background is meant to break up camo read more..


What is Your Vote?

17 November 2011 The United States faces greater threats at home than we face in Afghanistan.  The Mexican border, for instance, is being described as a war zone.  People have been warning read more..


Pocket Spies

Image created with iPhone4s 17 November 2011 We know the Internet has dangers.  Everything we put onto the information superhighway should be considered chiseled into marble.  Meanwhile, t... read more..

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