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Princess Salerno

Published: 22 March 2010MAJ JF Sucher, MD FACS USAR MC Surgeon, 909th FST The 909th FST saw many children during their first deployment of 2002-2003 in Salerno, Afghanistan, Paktya province, but on... read more..



Kandahar, Afghanistan23 March 2010 The mission required crossing a bridge that had been blown up a couple hours earlier by a suicide car bomber.  The attacker hit a convoy from the 82nd Airborne, k read more..


The Scent of Weakness

Kandahar Province, Afghanistan25 March 2010 Dogs have been trained to carry bombs to attack enemies for decades.  The Soviets and others have used dogs as low-tech smart bombs.  Yet canine platoons read more..


The Battle for Kandahar: Part I

FOB Frontenac, Afghanistan28 March 2010 Under an early morning sky, a red glow is cast from the lights on an Air Force water drilling rig.  A new MATV, or “MRAP All Terrain Vehicle,” is being deplo read more..



RED HORSEin theDesert of Death Some troops in Afghanistan go months without a shower.  Major Ryan O’Conner, XO of the 1-17th Infantry, now in Kandahar Province, said that during a previous tour his... read more..


War reporter Michael Yon wants answers on Seattle Airport arrest, supports ALG FOIA request

Published: 02 April 2010FROM: Americans for Limited Government April 1st, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Michael Yon continues to question why he was arrested upon arrival at Seattle-Tacoma International Airpor... read more..


Village Boys

Easter Sunday, 2010Anywhere, Afghanistan Back in December, C-Co  1-17th Infantry battalion had been in about the worst place in Afghanistan.  There is stiff competition for the position of actual w read more..


Under Cover of the Night

Under Cover of the Night with 1-17th Infantry 11 April 2010 During a mission there is no “pause” button.  It’s on until it’s over.  Recently, Charlie Company 1-17th Infantry conducted a mission ... read more..


A Whisper

Published: 16 April 2010By: MAJ JF Sucher, MD A singular sentence in reply to a common, simple question. A whisper from Afghanistan has returned a loud echo from Laconia, New Hampshire, a small tow read more..


War above McChrystal's Head

Published: 17 April 2010Originally posted on Facebook   ... read more..


Battle for Kandahar

Battle for Kandahar Baghtu Valley25 April 2010Afghanistan The counteroffensive has begun.  More accurately, it might be called a counter-counteroffensive.  Close to a decade ago, we beat the Talib... read more..


Big Guns

28 April 2010 The intention was to write a detailed dispatch on the 3-17th Field Artillerly.  Unfortunately, General Stanley McChrystals’ crew broke an agreement I had with the Army to stay until 5 read more..


Marijuana: Children, the Work Place, and Medicine

Published: 07 May 2010 Click here to view the entire presentation.   ... read more..


An Afghan Story

Published: 9 May 2010 If normal life were a river, most days would likely be a slow-moving, meandering passage.  But when a life squeezes into the gorge of war, there can be a deafening whitew read more..


Penguins of Afghanistan

  Penguins of Afghanistan&A few Words on Charlie Company Published: 13 May 2010 There are no birth certificates in these villages.  No death certificates.  No driver’s licenses or addresses o... read more..


Court Martial Of Brigadier General Daniel Menard

Heavy fighting erupted in Thailand and I was slightly set back from Afghanistan dispatches. Am back to work on a series of major Afghanistan dispatches.Meanwhile, 33,000 people have signed up for my F... read more..


Court Decisions on Bagram Detainees

25 May 2010 We all are aware that war leads to difficult situations.  In regard to detainees, we've seen terrorists released only to strike again. Yet in the interest of justice we are concerned abou... read more..


The Atlantic: Michael Yon's War

The Atlantic: Michael Yon's War Author: D.B. GradyPublished: 01 June 2010 This article has a lot of beef: Afghanistan, Thailand, General Stanley McChrystal, General David Petraeus, Brigadier General... read more..



พิมพ์ครั้งแรก 14 พฤษภาคม 2548 (สื่อโปรดติดต่อ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloakec8bcb4739a09fb5787... read more..


Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Regarding the Convening of the So-called Consultative Jirga in Kabul

Published: 3 June 2010 Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Regarding the Convening of the So-called Consultative Jirga in Kabul Jamadi-us-Sani 17, 1431 A.H, Tuesday, June 01, 2010 ... read more..


Michael Yon in Squidge Magazine

This Article was written by ED and published in Squidge Magazine on 03 June 2010. Michael Yon Where are you now and what’s happening with your embeds since your last one was cut off? Today ... read more..


Gobar Gas

(Abridged version1) Brunei, Afghanistan, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, VietnamPublished: 08 June 2010 Michael Yon A Gurkha Idea Among the more interesting coalition forces fighting in Afghanistan are t read more..


Gray First Amended Complaint

Click here to view the entire document.   ... read more..


More than McChrystal could handle?

Michael Yon about whom I have written here before, has recently published a following short message on his Facebook: Life was good before I went to Iraq. But after three friends were killed during ... read more..


PM's letter to the Thai people

Published: 11 June 2010 10 June 2553 Dear fellow Thai people, In the past years, we have been disheartened by many serious incidents that have hurt the nation and its people. The violence and losse... read more..


Gobar Gas II

(Unabridged) Michael YonPublished 15 June 2010 Brunei, Afghanistan, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam Among the more interesting coalition forces fighting in Afghanistan are the legendary Nepalese G read more..


Biogas Newsletter

Please click here to view entire pdf.   read more..


Even While the World Watched: Part I

Michael Yon20 June 2010Chiang Mai, Thailand Recent violence focused world attention on the Kingdom of Thailand.  As the attention flowed in, foreigners poured out, even though fighting was tig read more..

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