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Our Must-Win War

20 March 2009By now, President Barack Obama must be acutely aware of the spiraling AfPak situation.  Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman have penned a very smart piece about the tough road ahead.  read more..


Soldiers and Sinise

20 March 2009A soldier emailed me with a surprise.  I did not know that Gary Sinise was involved with a film about soldiers, but you know if Gary is involved, the movie will be top-quality and accurat read more..


McCaffrey on Mexico - AAR January 2009

20 March 2009 Please Click here to View the entire report. 20 March 2009 Please Click here to View the entire report.     read more..


Treatment of Prisoners

20 March 2009Before I lived in Germany and Poland for about six years, the Army taught me German and some Polish.  And so there were countless conversations with older Germans and Poles, and I heard e read more..


Iranian Madmen Preparing to Play Obama like a Fiddle

21 March 2009It's almost certainly true that most Americans want to see President Obama succeed in making peace with Iran.  The prospect seems sadly laughable, though.  Not with the current Iranian le... read more..


Afghanistan: Writing on the Wall

23 March 2009 Obama Says a Way Out of Afghanistan Is NeededBy HELENE COOPERPublished: March 22, 2009WASHINGTON — The United States must look for a way out of the war in Afghanistan, President Obama... read more..


Small Talk

23 March 2009Gary Sinise is an incredible American.  We were swapping some emails over the past week and I saw this article about his latest support for our troops:  Commentary: We can't do enough for... read more..


Mark Bowden on Torture

24 March 2009Interesting that Mr. Bowden and I have separately come to similar conclusions on torture and related topics.  Different, but similar enough.However, some of my views are remarkably differ... read more..


Gary Sinise to Continue Long March

25 March 2009Gary has been supporting troops for more than two decades not just in word, but in a long stream of deeds.  Our troops post his photos on headquarters walls in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I re... read more..


McCaffrey on Mexico - 23 March 2009

26 March 2009 General (ret.) Barry McCaffrey continues to sound cautions and alarms on Mexico.  Clearly he loves the place and doesn't want to see it fall apart.  For their sake or for ours.  I would ... read more..


To the Rescue

26 March 2009Helicopter Goes Down in Iraq...and Who Comes to the Rescue?Please check this out. It's a good feeling seeing the Iraqis coming along.  Remember those days when to say the Iraqi forces cou... read more..



27 March 2009Many of us are waiting -- not so patiently -- for President Obama's announcement of the new strategy on AfPak.  No matter which road we chose, it will be long and filled with liquid, poli... read more..


Obama on Afghanistan: Disappointing

27 March 2009President Obama has just spoken on AfPak.  I closed my eyes and listened closely to his words, coming via the BBC from the other side of the world.The President's words were disappointing... read more..


President Obama's Remarks on Afghanistan Strategy as Prepared for Delivery as Released by the White House...

MARCH 27, 2009  President Obama: Good morning. Today, I am announcing a comprehensive, new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan.  This marks the conclusion of a careful policy review that I... read more..


(Re-) Creating Anbar's Awakening

By Gabriel Ledeen 28 March 2009 Signaling his commitment to campaign promises of a "surge" in Afghanistan, President Obama recently authorized the deployment of 17,000 additional troops to reinforc... read more..


Truth or Dare: Guns to Mexico

29 March 2009How many of the guns in Mexico are coming from the United States?  Good question that will prove extremely contentious if the number of weapons proves to be high.This transcript from CBS ... read more..


Torture: Some Global Implications

29 March 2009The following story represents just one of the great crevasses opened by torture.  This is serious business.  Some previously high-placed American officials could be forced to restrict in... read more..


Tons of Arms Flowing into Mexico, But From Where?

30 March 2009Nobody seems to dispute that tons of weapons apparently are flowing into Mexico.  A big question is, where are they coming from?  The only casualties assured to occur are those people who... read more..


Brothers at War -- Screenings

31 March 2009 Gary Sinise has gotten personally involved with helping to promote this movie.  I am in Asia (Thailand/Singapore/Laos/Malaysia) and have not yet seen it, but the reviews are outstanding.... read more..


Please Remember that the British Government is not the British Soldier

31 March 2009I am very proud of the British units I was in combat with in Iraq: 2 Rifles, 4 Rifles, Queen's Royal Lancers, Duke of Lancasters, 2 Para (Afghanistan).This writer would return to combat w... read more..


Obama's Afghanistan plan moves much too cautiously

1 April 2009  President Obama announced a goal to stand up 216,000 Afghan security forces by 2011. This falls far short of assessments by our own military that a security force of 400,000 is needed to read more..


Obama plan for Afghanistan, Pakistan short on bold

2 April 2009President Obama's new plan for Afghanistan and Pakistan (AfPak) was eagerly anticipated. I first reported from Afghanistan in early 2006 that the war was being lost, so any new plan to add read more..


Jingle Bombs, Jingle Bombs

Jingle all the Way1 April 2009 Hidden compartments don’t mean much to man’s best friend.  This working puppy found enough Emulite to kill hundreds of people.  Needless to say, the soldiers and contrac... read more..


Weapons to Mexico: Government Lying?

02 April 2009 Several readers have forwarded this important story.  Thank you. If FOX is right and the government is wrong (not surprising), this will be a feather in FOX's cap!  The Myth of 90 Percen read more..


Wife Rape

03 April 2009 The "law" is a fascinating topic.  When I was young, I read many dozens of books written by lawyers.  When the vignette linked below landed on my desk, it conjured memories of stories ab read more..


Black Market

03 April 2009I’m heading to Laos in a few hours and so comms likely will be tenuous.  Meanwhile, the war continues to unfold.  A reader sent the following story about the black market of war supplies read more..


Mexican Government in the Drug Business?

03 April 2009A concerned reader sent me this CNN video link on Youtube.  Please view this very disturbing piece: Mexican Incursions into the US. read more..


Dear Mexico: Stop Whining

03 April 2009Speaking not as a writer, but only as an American citizen, there are a few “irritants” as one learns more about the AmMex drug/criminal war.  Firstly, there seems little doubt that many g read more..


Hearing surprises senators

03 April 2009 Officials: Drug-war spillover exaggeratedBy Ramon Bracamontes / El Paso TimesEL PASO -- Sen. John Kerry and two members of his Foreign Relations Committee heard a clear message Monday read more..


Mexico is not a Failed State

03 April 2009 UpdateU.S. Sen. John Kerry: Mexico is not a failed stateALICIA A. CALDWELL / Associated Press Writer EL PASO, Texas - Mexico's government is being tested in its battle with powerful read more..

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