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Jihad TV in Europe

19 February 2009 MARK DUBOWITZ and ROBERTA BONAZZI  on Wall Street Journal Online Their propaganda notwithstanding, Hamas and, two years ago, Hezbollah suffered devastating military defeats th read more..


Joe Galloway: Afghanistan smells like South Vietnam in 1965

MCT COLUMN 281(02/19/2009) By Joseph L. GallowayMcClatchy Newspapers President Barack Obama this week announced that he was ordering an additional 17,000 American troops to Afghanistan, more than ha... read more..


Pakistani Taliban to Review Cease-Fire

21 February 2009  This could be a major victory for our enemies: Pakistani Taliban to Review Cease-FireBy VOA News21 February 2009Taliban militants in northwest Pakistan say they are considering exten... read more..


Mini-surge to test out US strategy in Afghanistan

22 February 2009 U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan. Their progress will be closely watched by friends and enemies alike: Mini-surge to test out US strategy in AfghanistanSome 3,000 US tr... read more..


NATO 'alive and kicking,' its chief says

22 February 2009 NATO 'alive and kicking,' its chief says.A more accurate title might be: NATO 'alive and kicking like a man being mauled by a tiger.'  (Because he forgot to bring a rifle to a tiger h... read more..


New Bid to Eradicate al Qaeda

23 February 2009Iraq continues to progress, but still some fighting.  Yet these days, al Qaeda in Iraq is like a piranha fish with no scales; it's still alive and flopping around on shore, but the dwi... read more..


U.S. Unit Secretly in Pakistan Lends Ally Support

23 February 2009 This is the best news I've seen all year.  Green Berets operating vibrantly in the belly of the beast:U.S. Unit Secretly in Pakistan Lends Ally Support By ERIC SCHMITT and JANE PERLEZ... read more..


Galactic Collisions

24 February 2009 Want to see a time when the press and the President really clashed with the media?  When was it?  World War I?  World War II?  Korea?  Vietnam?  Iraq I?  Iraq II?  (Definitely not Afg... read more..


The Fallen

24 February 2009 We may have a lot of problems at home -- and we do -- but our brothers and sisters are out there for us tonight.  We lost eight just today.  Four soldiers were killed in Iraq, and fou... read more..


"The United States of America Does Not Torture"

24 February 2009 President Barack Obama has spoken.  His words beamed around the world.  I am in Asia preparing for a long year in Afghanistan and other contended places, but stopped to listen closely... read more..


Islamabad's capitulation

02 March 2009Pakistani author Ahmed Rashid is a trusted source on AfPak.  His opinions have proven amazingly prescient.  His book "Taliban" was published six months before the 9/11 attacks, and provid read more..


A 'Ticking Time Bomb' Goes Off

02 March 2009 A deadly wave of released prisoners is likely to intrude into our future.  I was in northern Iraq when this attack occurred, but was far away and only heard through sources that the atta read more..


Tactical Success, Strategic Defeat

02 March 2009This Washington Post story rings true with my experience from October 2008.  I was in Afghanistan, and embeds with U.S. soldiers in that particular area were hard to come by, so I endeavo read more..


Afghan children likely killed by Taliban

03 March 2009 Slowly but clearly, the Afghan population is turning against us.  The Canadians are seen here struggling with the realization.  Secretary Gates told me in December that his most serious read more..


Breaking the Ice

04 March 2009Icebreakers   read more..


TORTURE: Some Thoughts

PART I 04 March 2009   On 24 February 2009, President Barack Obama said during his speech: “The United States of America Does Not Torture.”   The President’s words were cast LIVE, arou... read more..


Great Respect for Great Britain

04 March 2009It's an excellent day to see the United States reaching out to Great Britain.  Nobody stood stronger with us during the bad days of Iraq than Great Britain.  They are deeply in the fight read more..


President Protests Criminal Charges by Committing More Crimes

05 March 2009 The President of Sudan is behaving like a little Saddam Hussein, who behaved like a little Stalin.  The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar read more..


On Afghanistan

05 March 2009The mainstream media has finally fully caught up to where we were in 2006.  It is now commonly recognized that we have massive problems with AfPak, and that Pakistan is the real problem.& read more..


Dark Times

06 March 2009While I work on dispatches regarding torture, it appears that some people are getting what they want; many have asked for proof that torture occurred, and that torture be defined.  These read more..


Godspeed to Santos Cardona.

06 March 2009This is a sad story.  During the morning workout of reading reports from the front, I found that one of our latest losses in Afghanistan was also a casualty of Abu Ghraib.  The ghosts of read more..


Straight Talk

09 March 2009President Obama talks straight on Afghanistan.  We are not winning.  This bit of truth has been reported clearly on this website since early 2006.  In fact, not only are we not winning, w read more..


Victory in Iraq - Next Stop, Afghanistan

10 March 2009 Please read my latest article by picking up a copy of Townhall Magazine.  Townhall is offering a free copy of my book "Moment of Truth in Iraq," with new subscriptions to their excellent read more..


The Pathetic Afghan Army & Will Obama Fumble Iraq?

The Pathetic Afghan Army & Will Obama Fumble Iraq? 11 March 2009The disconnect between reporting and reality on Iraq was dramatic during 2005.  Media stories about the incompetence and hopelessness of... read more..


David Rohde Still Missing

11 March 2009Few people realize that New York Times journalist David Rohde was kidnapped in Afghanistan back in November.  There were a few scattered stories early on, but big reporting apparently has read more..


Afghan Army

12 March 2009There is dispute whether the testimony to the British House of Commons regarding the Afghan National Army is correct.Part of that testimony was published on my site yesterday. Colonel Bil read more..


Water Torture

16 March 2009 There has been much discussion recently about what constitutes torture.  Between research/travel in preparation for a return to Afghanistan and Iraq, I have been working on a couple of d read more..


The Myth of Kurdistan

Published: 18 March 2009 The Myth of KurdistanIraq's northern enclave used to be called a model for the rest of the country. Not anymore, say Kurds.Lennox SamuelsNEWSWEEK March 23, 2009Until the old m... read more..


Secretary of Courage

Secretary Gates is taking tough decisions head-on, and making them. ... read more..


Congressman John Murtha

19 March 2009 Gabriel Ledeen spent two tours as a Marine lieutenant in Iraq.  And so when an email comes in from Gabe, it grabs my attention. Gabe sent this today: Friends, Congressman Jo read more..

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