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David Rohde Escapes

21 June 2009The excellent reporter David Rohde has escaped his kidnappers.  My latest word on Mr. Rohde came on about June 1 during a trip with Secretary Gates, when a very well placed source told me ... read more..


Michael Jackson

News of Mr. Jackson's death is sweeping around the world.  Having worked for Mr. Jackson at his Neverland Ranch, I had the feeling that he was a hostage to his success.  Finally, the King of Pop will ... read more..


The Road to Hell: Part II

27 June 2009AfghanistanWith so many contractors, journalists, and even tourists floating around Afghanistan, some are bound to be kidnapped.  The recent escape by David Rohde provides a happy conclusi... read more..


Sean Pillai interviews Jeff Mellinger

27 June 2009Kabul, AfghanistanThe clearest sign that I am back in Afghanistan is that the electricity is out again.  Other than that, the day is bright, shiny and cool in Kabul.While reading/listening... read more..


Lithuanians in Afghanistan

29 June 2009Chaghcharan, Ghor ProvinceKabul has changed.  In recent years the roads were often clogged with military convoys, filling the town with aggravations and dangers often caused by the mere pr... read more..


Iraq Braces for U.S. Pullout

Please Click Here to view the entire interview with Michael on ... read more..


Lithuanians on the Moon

Lithuanians on the MoonandSpeaking the Language01 July 2009Chaghcharan, Ghor Province, AfghanistanLithuanian Lieutenant Marius Varna walked me around the perimeter of the small camp and we scanned the... read more..


Philippines: Some Notes, Thoughts, and Observations

06 June 2009Filed From Chaghcharan, AfghanistanOverviewUntil recently, Afghanistan was called “The Forgotten War.” The dramatic domestic, regional, and international politics of the Iraq war largely e read more..


On McNamara's Leaving

07 July 2009 By Joseph L. GallowayMcClatchy Newspapers "I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure." —Clarence Darrow (1857–1938) Well, the aptly named Robert S read more..


The Village

08 July 2009(Filed from Afghanistan)The fight in the southern Philippines varies in intensity and technique.  Commanders in the AFP (Armed Forces Philippines) will say that the fight consists of about read more..


Lithuanians on the Moon: Lithuanian Translation

08 July 2009For Lithuanian speakers, please see: Lietuviai mėnulyjetardamas šiuos žodžius 2009 m. liepos 1 d.Čagčaranas, Goro provincija, AfganistanasLietuvis vyr. leitenantas Marius Varna palydėjo ma read more..



Searching for Kuchi & Finding Lizards

13 July 2009Ghor Province, AfghanistanThe wake-up alarm sounded at 0345, and by 0430 the Lithuanian soldiers were ready to roll.  The Lithuanians had always arrived early, prepared for action before e read more..


Sangow Bar Village

Sangow Bar VillageSome Notes and Photos16 July 2009Ghor Province, AfghanistanOn a per capita basis, Afghanistan is becoming more dangerous for British and American troops than Iraq ever was.  For thos... read more..


One Giant Leap

20 July 2009Yesterday, a helicopter crashed on base at Kandahar Airfield, killing sixteen.  Later that night we had a minor rocket attack which caused me to roll out of bed onto the floor, while this read more..


Some Photos and Captions

22 July 2009Filed from Sangin, Afghanistan(This dispatch is from Ghor Province, though I am now with British forces down south.)Lithuanian soldier on Swedish C-130 from Kabul to Kandahar and finally t... read more..


SatComms for Soldiers

25 July 2009Sangin, AfghanistanHave been out with British forces in the area of Sangin in northern Helmand Province.  This area appears to be turning into the main effort of the current fight in Afgha... read more..


An Artery of Opium a Vein of Taliban

27 July 2009Sangin, Afghanistan   ... read more..


Night Into Day

Sangin, Helmand ProvinceAfghanistan 29 July 2009 Orders are given before every operation.  The orders filter down through various unit levels involved, until each platoon finally recieves its... read more..


GAO Says Pentagon's Officer PR Program Is Legal and Ethical

Published 02 August 2009 July 31, 2009By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers In another twist that raises new questions about a New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning story, the Government Accountabil... read more..



03 August 2009Sangin, AfghanistanThe bugs are not bad in this part of Afghanistan.  The scorched terrain is biologically boring.  Mice and ferret-like creatures dash around in the evenings read more..


Common Scenes & Common Thoughts

Common Scenes & Common Thoughts from Common Days & Nights   05 August 2009 The helicopter pilot wearing night vision goggles roared in so fast it looked as though he were crashing.&nbsp... read more..


Disturbing Developments

06 August 2009Sangin, AfghanistanPaul Mundt is a long-time friend from my Special Forces days.  Paul emailed today regarding some disturbing developments on the home front.  He emailed the f read more..


Pixie Dust

Thursday night, 06 August 2009AfghanistanI made this photo last night in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  This Landing Zone is very dangerous.  A few weeks ago, another helicopter was coming into this ... read more..


No Young Soldiers

10 August 2009Sangin, Afghanistan Daily dramas unfolded, including the bangs, booms and small-arms fire that punctuated the times.  At 1800, I was preparing to go to orders with 1 Platoon, A C read more..


Stars & Stripes

13 August 2009Reporting from Afghanistan: Not your typical job Posted August 12th, 2009 by Leo Shane in Stripes Central Back in 2006 I spent six weeks traveling around Afghanistan with various U.S. Ar read more..


The Kopp-Etchells Effect

17 August 2009Sangin, Afghanistan The roads are so littered with enemy bombs that nearly all transport and resupply to this base occurs by helicopter.  The pilots roar through the darkness, sw read more..


Do Americans Care about British Soldiers?

19 August 2009Helmand Province, Afghanistan A gunshot ripped through the darkness and a young British soldier fell dying on FOB Jackson.  I was just nearby talking on the satellite phone and saw the read more..

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