Loss of Civilization

Write a comment Michael, Thank you for your reports and insights into Afghanistan and the other hard places of our globe; they really do show how blessed and lucky the United States has become. As you mentioned, the constant battle of the evil forces of the Taliban, HIG, and Al Qaida there are destroying what little civilization they have encountered or is attempted to provide for the safety and security of the populace. That same evil is abroad in the United States in the guise of socialism and communism; pretending to be the answer to the ills of America, while undermining the concepts that create the just society we all crave. Obama is at best a mole, at worst a tool, of the insidious Marxist/Leninist cabals that infest the world. His ascension -- or coronation once "the light from above will shine down" -- to the most powerful office in the world bar none will be the death-knell of "the last, best, hope for Mankind", and it will mean decades of death and destruction our children will inhabit before it is reversed. I am appreciative of your optimism and clear-headed pragmatism, but as an American by choice and not chance do not hold the same view. I pray for you and our country, that God will keep us safe and secure, and provide for the knowledge we need to continue our mission to all the peoples of the world. God bless you, Michael.
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