Liberated my ass

Write a comment Brit, you’re right, I’m totally blind. If you call Iraq “liberated” when, even after 5 years of military occupation and maybe a million people dead, you have to bring in a “surge” of an extra 30,000 troops to lock down districts right inside the capital city, and so on and so forth, you’re right, I’m totally blind to it. Do you really think your puppet government will stand once you pull out the iron fist of your army of occupation? Hey, remember Vietnam! No, you’re probably too young to remember that. Have you read Michaels’ despatch from Sarobi, where he describes how the ANA cut and ran, abandoning their guns and equipment, after “lounging around” on the battlefield, when the French patrol was being shot to pieces by those anti-Taleban freedom fighters? That’s what the ANA does after 7 years of “liberation” and 7 years of “intensive training” which was the occupying army’s “top priority” – for seven years! How many more years will it take before the ANA will be “fully trained and reliable”, and not run away in such situations? Or am I being blind to something? What rest of the world has seen “liberated” is a few hundred billion dollars, into the coffers of the war industry, the latest technological killing equipment that’s been able to be tested “in the field”, unknown numbers of terrorists who have been recruited as a result of your Neocon aggression, the febrile imagination and credulity of insane warmongers like you, and, maybe, temporarily, the Green Zone in Baghdad, at least most of the time. Evidently, you’re blind to all that! And which concentration camps are you talking about? Abu Ghraib and Gitmo Bay? I suppose you are one of these people who condone and practise torture, too – so long, of course, as it is only done to further the interests of “freedom and democracy”, and by “us”, because “we” are the “good guys”. “God’s on our side”, oh yeah. That’s not blind, is it? Not for the Taleban! – whoops, I mean the Creationists!!!
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