LESS is Far better than "Moore!"

Write a comment Michael, I wrote to you a couple of years ago! I have been following your dispatches, and forwarded and shared your site with contacts in my address book! I Truly DO Respect your integrity and your “EYE” for the truth! Yes it is True a picture is worth a thousand words! I remember well, when your photographic image hit the net! I was moved beyond comprehension by the Compassion that emanated from this Profound Moment caught in time for All to understand, throughout future History! I have spent many waking hours Supporting our Troops and share with all whom will listen, “I Believe in them and their mission!” They have spoken their Truth and shared their experiences, boots on the ground, in the field! I have visited D.C. #18 times to spend time with our Healing Heroes in both WRAMC & Bethesda. Even this past January making a trip to Landstuhl, we have heard first hand their stories. They know they are making a difference! I Honor your fortitude and insight to Hold Up those that would chastise the efforts of the brave and true! Thank You for documenting from within a “Soldiers Perspective!” Your image has captured the heart of a caring, compassionate and loving America! If only there was not suppression, evil and dictatorships. All citizens of the world deserve to know Freedom and Liberty! I have truly treasured your eloquent text, and visual acuity through the lens of your eye’s perspective! Keep Up the great work, it is obvious you are passionate to enlighten and teach those of us who are Blessed to live within the safety of these Shores! God’s continued watchful protection over You and our Troops, as you continue The Mission! I will encourage all to visit your site and purchase copies of your wonderful books! Keep writing and educating! I only wish more professors on campus, had your Patriotism and Heart! Michael do NOT allow an opportunist like Moore to violate your profound image! Take the gloves off and go ten rounds if you have to. Prostitution is a filthy business! Respectfully, Christina Finn “The Pillow Lady!” God Speed! God Bless Our Troops, Our Veterans, Our World Leaders, & America! Respectfully, Christina & Daniel T. Finn (Ret.) Army Vietnam Veteran 25th ID 4/23 Mech. “Tomahawk” Founder / CO-Coordinators Patriotic Pillow Project SM
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